Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Confessions

Happy Monday! I'm kicking off with confessions.
  • I totally gave my friend vampire books for her birthday
  • I then introduced her to Fan Fiction
  • I'm in the processes of creating a monster who is as addicted as me
  • I will be helping her move for the next couple of days so posting will be spotty
Can I just say how good it is to be around someone I can totally corrupt into vampire love? I love it! It's like every time I find someone who is not afraid to embrace their inner potential as a Twilight / Vampire addict I get SO EXCITED. Eventually, all of my real life friends will be onto my vampire crazy, but for now I am taking it one at a time.

In actual Twilight news:
  • They shot some graduation scenes. Yawn. I'll confess right now . . .I'm waiting for the fight scenes. Fight, fight, fight! Screw pics of people standing around in graduation robes . . .I want people in full fight mode, vamps with their fangs out and the Wolf Pack all muscle-y. Little things, right?
  • Some Twilight people went to dinner this weekend. Hey, the sushi industry in Vancouver can't support itself, right?
  • Robert Pattinson, after 12 days of hiding out after being photographed "making out" with Kristen Stewart at a Kings of Leon concert, was finally seen on set as Edward Cullen.
It's Alive!

robert pattinson

Friday, August 28, 2009

Do You Have What It Takes To Join The Wolfpack?

Quick, everybody. What do you need to be a member of the Wolfpack?

Is it a finely honed talent for acting? Well, not really. Yes, the wolfpackers have okay acting chops, but you know what you really need to join the Wolfpack. Especially a Wolfpack led by Mr. I-Only-Eat-Protein-And-Lift, aka, Taylor Lautner.

You need muscles. Specifically, you need abs. Wolfpack abs don't get painted on like vampire ones (Forgive me Rob, but, well, you know). They just . . .don't.

Today, it was revealed that Mr. BooBoo Stewart does indeed have what it takes to run with the pack.

boo boo stewart

boo boo stewart

Remember though . . .and disturbing as this is on so many levels . . .he's only 15.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mike Welch: Really Not That Evil

This morning I had one of those moments when you realize that the lines between reality and fan fiction are blurring.

Here's a nice photo of Mike Welch, who plays Mike Newton, arriving in Vancouver on the same day every other human bit part character got there.


See, nice, harmless, reasonably okay guy.

So why does the sight of him make me see red?

It's not just that he has too much crap in his pockets.

See, I'm a big (like hella big) fan of Poughkeepsie. And in Poughkeepsie, Mike Newton's character proposes to Bella with a CZ ring, wrecks Alice's car, torments Edward, and eventually tries to kill Bella in the woods.


Help. I might need an intervention.

Justin Chon: The Dude Abides

Not sure when Justin Chon became a surfer/stoner type, but for some reason in this photo I am really thinking of The Big Lebowski hard. For no apparent reason.

Justin Chon

Arriving in Vancouver, naturally. 'Cause that's where the dude needs to be.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kellan Lutz Arrives And Gets To Work

Here's a lovely shot of Kellan Lutz leaving LAX and heading up to Vancouver to start filming.


And here's another shot of Kellan doing what I wish more actors and actresses would do: Get down to business and earn that physique.

kellan lutz

I know, the famous are supposed to be naturally beautiful. He's certainly been blessed with good genetics. However, I love that you can tell that he puts effort into maintaining that physique. Yes, I am totally on a Team Kellan kick at the moment, but hey, it's not like he's not working for it!

Alex Meraz, Shirtless

This officially gets a WHOA, HEL-LO from me.

You see, normally I don't give the secondary characters in the Twilight Saga much of my attention. I just don't. And Alex Meraz was one that I'd filed away in the box called "Nameless Hot Members of the Wolfpack" (See also: Jailbait) and so I'm quite sure I was not expecting this.

However, 15 seconds later, I will confess that I will be watching this man MUCH more closely in the future!

Robert Pattinson, Superhero?

With Remember Me in post-production and Little Ashes out on video, it had seemed for a while there that all Rob had on his plate was the Twilight Sage. As in, Summit has him by the balls for the foreseeable future, or at the very least until they decide if they are making 4 or 5 of these movies. I mean, there's lots of directors in Hollywood these days, let's everybody have a go!

However, now it seems that Rob's got another potential job offer up his sleeve, playing the part of a superhero.

YoungBlood? I've no idea, but it sounds hot!

robert pattinson

Okay, the real details:
  • They're still finalizing the script, but they want to ask Rob. There are a couple of parts he could play, including a teenager who can make himself into stone. You know, with his skin feeling "like cool marble" I think it might be a good fit. (My apologies to SMeyer).
  • It's based on Rob Liefeld's graphic novel series Youngblood. Which is like being based on a book, only with much better pictures. Yes, that's me being sarcastic. It's LATE, cut me a break.
  • Youngblood is about a team of superheros, meaning this thing could have multiple hotties in addition to Rob (WIN!).
  • Reliance Big Entertainment / Paramount have the production rights. (Suck it, Summit!)
  • The director would be Brett Ratner, best known for making X-Men: Last Stand and producing Prison Break.
  • Little known irrelevant but amusing trivia about Brett Ratner: He has also shot 7 Mariah Carey music videos, and did Madonna's Beautiful Stranger video.
All in all . . .I think this might be a fun movie for Rob to do. Lots of action, limited amount of angst. There is also a role for a Russian supermodel slut, so if he's really that lonely, they could put Kristen in it and I think she could pull it off.

All joking aside . . .no, all joking continues! It's that kind of post, people, because it is way past my bedtime and delirious amusement is a good thing. For further amusement, if you've never read the superhero by superhero breakdown of Edward Cullen vs. pretty much everyone, including Darth Vader, you must drop everything (including anything you might laughingly spill on the computer) and read it now.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The 2 Victorias: Awkward vs. Hot

Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel shot some footage of a romance scene between them this past weekend. I look at it, and you know what I think? AWKWARD. 10 kinds of awkward.


I don't know if I am just missing the chemistry between these two, or if its the hair. See, Rachelle Lefevre, in addition to all the other awesome qualities she brought to the Victoria character, NATURALLY looked the part. None of this dicking around with wigs nonsense, or spending 16 bazillion hours trying to make stick straight hair be big and curly. She just had the authenticity to really pull off the part.

As a reminder of the awesomeness that could have been, here's a still of Rachelle Lefevre from Barney's Version this past week.

rachelle lefevre

Xavier Samuel, you just don't know what you're missing . . .go find Summit and call them a pack of losers on my behalf, will you? That's a good boy.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Wanna Be Edward Cullen

Thanks to Letters To Rob for this gem:

Wait, I'm Glad There's Wardrobe After All

. . . .cause apparently some people can't dress themselves.



Saturday, August 22, 2009

See Kellan's Dog. I Wanna Be That Dog.

Okay, this is too cute.

kellan lutz

Not as cute . . .how bad I want to trade places with the dog in this photo. I mean, I can sit, stay, roll over, AND BEG.

Please Kellan. Let me be man's best friend for you. Just for a while.

Who The Heck Did You Let Dress You?

Okay, as long as I am in total rant mode, I'm going to let the costume department have it for this and other crimes against humanity:

ashley greene

What the heck is that outfit? I thought Alice was supposed to look like a fashion plate, not like she had a terminal sun allergy or lupus. It's like that one time when your friends mom got left unattended at the mall and thought she'd try and look hip or something.

It's almost as bad as this one:

ashley greene

It's like a modeling campaign for Coldwater Creek, or the new Stepford Wives of Forks. So annoyed with this!

TMI, Twifans, T.M.I.

My regularly scheduled bit of snarky blogging was totally sideswiped yesterday when I realized that yes, there apparently a line to my fandom.

That line represents the line of ridiculousness beyond which not even I can go. Not physically, and NOT EVEN IN MY HEAD, YOU SICK BUNCH OF BASTARDS.


I don't know if it was just the week I've had, starting with my friend telling me about hitting the strip club on Monday for the first time in 8 years and how much he didn't enjoy it (Monday at a strip club, man, you knew it would suck), followed by a rousing round of TMI all around from a girlfriend in a new relationship and my sister (I love you, but you're married and I don't want to hear about it), but I was totally unprepared for the level of depravity my fellow Twi-lovers have spawned.

Because apparently there is a market for this thing robust enough to warrant its manufacture.


Okay, maybe not THAT shocking. The lot of us are Cullen-crazy and Rob-Obsessed, no denying.

But THIS is taking things too far. And it just tripped my lid, because I can't even IMAGINE it.

And, sadly, I tried, too. It made me feel dirty all night, and not the good kind of dirty either.

It's so bad I can't even blog about it openly without shuddering. Thank God the Twitarded ladies had the balls to break it down for me.

It's glittery, cold, and . . . .ech, just read about here.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Something Nice Happens To Leah?

In blatant violation of the unwritten but surely chiseled in stone Twi-Rule that nothing good can happen to Leah Clearwater, Julia Jones has been cast as Leah for Eclipse.

Julia Jones

Eat it, Cousin Emily!

Julia Jones

You know what I don't see in these photos?

Bitterness. Or at least that kind of hard flinty eye that lets you know this is a woman who has been through some major pain and suffering. Leah Clearwater is NOT a happy camper, though she is trying to deal. She just gets the short end of the stick on a lot of things.

Julia Jones seems too nice for the role. On the other hand, her last major movie was called Hell Ride, so maybe there is some inner badass lurking in there that is really coming to make this work.

Fun Things I Learned About Julia Jones researching this post:
  • She's studied ballet since she was 4
  • She likes doing the NY Times Crossword (brains, I LIKE IT)
  • She has a degree in English from The Columbian University (translation: has probably read the books--and that's a good thing, too)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

From Badass To Baby Momma

I just thought this was an interesting photo of Rachelle Lefevre as a pregnant wife in Barney's Version. It's a little weird to see her with shoes on and not actively trying to be a killer. Guess it happens to the best of us, sooner or later! ;-)

rachelle lefevre

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jacob Black's Sexy Back

Had some fun on Photobucket pointing out just what's wrong with this picture:


I'd Never Forgive My Parents

They've been finalizing some cast members for the Eclipse film, and yes, I will get around to discussing each and every one of them. Eventually.

First, let me just say that there are some parental sins which are flat out unforgivable. Neglect, abuse, and . . . .

Naming your kid BooBoo.


Meet the new Seth Clearwater, ladies and gentleman. BooBoo Stewart.

I'm not sure if his smile is years of therapy, or the knowledge that by playing this part well he will finally be able to afford to get back at the 'rents! I'm just glad I didn't have to be him in the third grade . . . .

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Concentrating In The Face Of Abs

As much as I like to mock Kristen Stewart for her ridiculous facial expressions in the Twilight movies, this is one look I totally understand. Check this out:

kristen stewart,taylor lautner

You see that look on her face? That look is quite clearly the look known as "What was I trying to say before you took your shirt off?"

I can only imagine her train of thought here. Mostly because I know what my train of thought would be ... okay, what my train of thought IS. I'm going to hell. Or at the very least, jail.

James: Not So Evil Now

Really, the only thing better than a hot bad boy is a less evil version of the same. Here's Cam Gigandet, the actor who was my favorite piece of shirtless evil in the first Twilight movie, with his new daughter.

Everybody on 3, 2, 1 . . . .AWWWWW.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Touching Rob Pattinson Professionally

So, I had the most wonderful 2 hour massage today, which made me think of the Twilight boys.

Let me break that logic down for you:

1. My massage was an awesome reward for surviving a busy week.

2. Eclipse just started filming. Lots of busy weeks coming up here.

3. Massage therapists get to touch people for a living.

4. People doing vampire stunts probably ache after a long week.

5. People who have muscle aches are likely to engage the services of a masseuse.

6. The Eclipse team probably includes a group of professional masseurs.

7. Someone is making a living out of rubbing down Rob Pattinson after a long day.

8. Someone is making a living out of helping Taylor Lautner ease those poor overworked muscles of his.

9. Someone is making a living out of helping Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Xavier Samuel, and the Wolfpack with their "tension".

10. Someone's life is hella good.

11. I knew I should have dropped out of school and become a masseuse. Damn career counselors didn't know what could have been in my hands. For hours each day. After which someone would have handed me a fat paycheck. For touching the Twilight boys.

12. Damn, damn, damn!

13. Sigh. Tell me again why my parents wanted me to have a real career? Someone out there is getting paid to touch those hot ass actors, and I'm just relaxed enough not to be too jealous.

If Twilight Was A Facebook Update

Many thanks to the lovelies over at Letters To Twilight for sharing this funny Twilight send up. It's based on the movie instead of the book for you detail nazi's out there, but still made me laugh out loud.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vancouver Hotels 25% Cheaper

As you all know, the Eclipse cast is up in Vancouver, getting ready for filming to start. So far, the cast of Eclipse has been out for sushi, been to a concert, gone shopping, and of course, met with fans.

You could have been there.

You could STILL be there.

Shopping with Mr. Lutz? I would brave a mall for that.
Kellan Lutz Shopping

Heck, even I could be there.

Why? Vancouver has gotten affordable. Or, at least, cheaper than it used to be.

I was watching TV at lunch today, trying to recover from a super busy end of week of work here, and I saw that Vancouver hotel rates are down 25% compared to this time last year. And despite trying to hang on to my sanity, my first thought was, "Sweet! Now I can set stalk for Eclipse on the cheap!"

Unfortunately, I was out with normal people, so I couldn't totally squee about it, but it did set the little wheels to spinning. Vancouver hotels 25% off, essentially. I could learn to love this crappy economy after all.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Don't Be Mean To Ashley Greene

Okay, I will confess to being a fan of Ashley Greene. I also hate seeing bad things happen to people I basically think are good people. So, the whole brou-ha-ha over the nude photos of Ashley Greene has me really ticked off.

Naturally, there is the part that says, never, never, never get nude photos taken of yourself, because they will turn up on the internet. It's got to be a Murphy's law of them somewhere. Missing your clothes? PUT DOWN THE PHONE CAMERA!

Rant aside, it seems like a not fun deal all around. Her lawyer is out there getting them all taken down, and frustrated blogger boys are whining. But it just annoys me. I want to be seeing pre-Eclipse movie information, not hearing about people ruining Ashley Greene's day by posting naked pictures of her on the internet.

Frankly, it would drive me to make out with Chace Crawford, too.

Love You Ashley!

ashley greene,taylor lautner,robert pattinson

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rob Pattinson Smoking Humor

Many thanks to RoseArcadia over on the Twilighted forum threads for this funny rotation of Rob Pattinson smoking it up. Watch through to the end . . .I'm not even a smoker and it made me laugh out loud!

robert pattinson

In other news, everyone and their dog is flying to Vancouver. Who's excited for filming to start? That would be me! I'm trying to figure a way to get up there and set stalk. I've never been a fan girl, but for some reason it just seems like it would be interesting. We'll see what the fall brings, I guess!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bryce Dallas Howard Sacrilege!

Well, Catherine Hardwicke has once again annoyed the snot out of me by speaking in public. It's not just that I don't like her voice this time, though. This time, she's revealing that Rachelle Lefevre was not the first choice to play Victoria . . .it was supposed to be Bryce Dallas Howard all along!

However, at the time, the Twilight saga was beneath Bryce, so she passed on it . . .or her people said it was too small for her . . .or something. And now, when the sheer awesome venom goodness that is Rachelle Lefevre's portrayal of Victoria has made it into a bigger part . . .lo and behold, Bryce Dallas Howard has her hands all over it.

It's a sacrilege, people. I am not amused. Rachelle rocked Victoria and was a really good Twilight trooper. Yes, Barney's Version spells bigger and better things for her down the road, but she doesn't really need people going around saying, well, we didn't really want her anyway. Way to kick a kid when they're down, Catherine.

I still love you, Rachelle, and you'll always be Victoria to me!

Justin Chon: Also At The Teen Choice Awards

So, it was brought to my attention that when I did the men of Twilight's clothing breakdown, I forgot one of the men!

Apparently, Justin Chon was also at the Teen Choice Awards 2009 ceremony, and the early coverage was all Robert Pattinson all the time, so he kind of slipped through the cracks. It was late, I was tired . . .I was lazy.

However, that doesn't mean I don't like Justin Chon. Au contraire, mes amis. I think he's great, even if they gave him a teensy part. He's still fun, and still interesting, and still dressed like a weird Eurotrash backpacker in this photo.

Justin Chon

The Men At The Teen Choice Awards

A breakdown of the ladies outfits should only be followed by a breakdown of the men's clothes, right? And if only I could get the men's clothes to break down . . . . . wait, that's another post.

Jackson Rathbone


Um, channeling our inner Johnny Depp much? The hair, the sunglasses, the vest . . . when you run away to France I am SO FOLLOWING YOU THERE!

Taylor Lautner


Suit, man. Where is the suit? And must you always do that thing with your hair? Shark week is over, baby, over! But how mad at you can I really be when yes, you're still hot, even when you're not wearing a suit.

Kellan Lutz

robert pattinson,jackson rathbone,kellan lutz

All clean cut and charming, as ever. I was kind of hoping you would whip out something really funky, not unlike your disguise at the Comic Con event here.

kellan lutz

Robert Pattinson

MMMMMMM. So Rob, I hear you won the award for "Choice Hottie" . . .how does that not happen every day?



And one without all the surfboards and nonsense in it . . . . .Congratulations on the hotness, Rob, although, please, next time can you wear a suit? I love you in a suit.


Thanks to Socialite Life, Just Jared, and Getty for the Photos!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Teen Choice Awards: Wardrobe Choices

Bwahahaha, the live feed was down so hearing all about the event was decided for me. I "watched" via tweets and posts, although of course it will all be on again on Monday night.

Until then, we can play my favorite red carpet game: What the hell are you wearing?

Nikki Reed


I like the shoes okay, but I am kind of meh on the dress. Sadly, Nikki is a bit ruined for me at the moment as now, whenever I see her, I am curious how many of her wardrobe choices are being influenced by her connection with this guy.

Ashley Greene


I like the top of the dress, with the feathering or whatever it is around the bustier section. The random floral on the bottom of the dress? WTForks is that? I think the designer could have done something much cooler than THAT with this dress.

Kristen Stewart

kristen stewart

So, evidently those are punk rock metal studs dangling on the bottom of that dress. Many people have implied its to keep people's hands away, but I am much more practical than that. How the hell do you sit down on punk rock studs? Through an awards show? Either Kristen is much more hard core than I had previously suspected, or she has a major thing for pain. Or she's an idiot. Take your choice.

Thanks to Socialite Life and Getty for the Photos!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Teen Choice Awards: Can I Stomach Watching This?

How far would you go for Twilight?

How much would you be willing to tolerate?

Especially if it involves hours of teenagers (run away, run away!)?

And the Jonas Brothers (run SCREAMING away)?

The MTV Teen Choice Awards are being broadcast Monday night, on Fox from 8 - 10 pm, and the Twilight crew is up for 12 awards.

On the pro side: Taylor Lautner and Rob Pattinson in tuxedos

Cute in casual wear . . .but HOT in Tuxedos!

taylor lautner

On the con side:
  • Kristen Steward, likely speaking aloud with enthusiasm
  • The Jonas Brothers
  • MTV People everywhere
  • Screaming teenage fan girls
  • The Jonas Brothers
  • Idiotic movies like BandSlam and other tweeny faves competing with Twilight
  • 110 minutes that won't be able Twilight
  • The Jonas Brothers
It's really a bitch of a decision. I mean, I'll do a lot to see Rob all dressed up in a suit, and Taylor is HOT (yes, jailbait, shut it) all cleaned up, too. But I'm so old compared to the target market for this crap I'm not sure my brain will survive watching it.

But . . .Rob and Taylor in SUITS.

sigh. This may be a last minute decision. I'll keep you posted.

Kellan Lutz Works Out With A Smile

Usually, I approach my workouts with a certain grim determination. Kellan Lutz, on the other hand, seems to LOVE working out and does it with a smile.

Such a HUNK!

Kellan Lutz Works Out

Can't wait to see all that and more in the movie . . .oh, please, please, please let there be a shirtless fight scene!

Quick Weekend Fiction Rec

This weekend is a busy one for me, so just a quick fan fic rec for now . . .it's a one shot that's part of the Tattward and Inkella series. For those of you who don't do fan fic, this is a way of playing with the characters from Twilight with a set theme, in this case tattoos and piercings. Quick and angsty with lots of build up to a happy ending, Sleeper in a Clone Suit is well-written, funny, and has photos on the author's page of the outfits.

And then let's all get some rest to prepare for the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday . . .not my age group, but looking forward to seeing Twilight win some things and juicy photos of the cast!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Wait, They Let Rob Pattinson Drive In America?

Rob Pattinson was spotted driving away from Kristen Stewart's house early this morning. Apparently, they went to a Bobby Long concert together last night, as reported by Moon over at LettersToTwilight and scooped over on RadarOnline (also by Moon).

The Evidence: Exhibits 1 and 2


Rob Driving

Fine, they're both in town for the Teen Choice Awards instead of being up in Vancouver. Naturally, they should get together. I'm fine with it. Robsten. It's okay. Really.


I mean, honestly, this is like an exhibit in HOW NOT TO BE SUBTLE about creeping around. Separate cabs, people, separate cabs. Yes, it does take away the fun out of making out in the backseat together, but have you learned nothing from fame? Photographers are out there with zoom lenses. Blog girls (who kick ass, btw, Moon, totally love you) are out there with camera phones.

Either blatantly be together, or take some lessons. Hire Angelina Jolie or Johnny Depp as tutors or whatever it takes, but learn to be better at media avoidance.

From there . . . .who else noticed that although Rob is British, he is totally driving in the US? Wrong side of the road and all! On one hand, bully for him for getting it right, and on the other hand . . . .scary as all get out.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rob Pattinson vs. Xavier Samuel

In a battle for hotness to the death, who would win? Although this was something I had personally never contemplated, not knowing Xavier Samuel from a rock in my shoe, apparently there are swirls in the blogosphere that he may be a contender for replacing Rob Pattinson as the King of Sex Incarnate.

WTForks, right?

I mean, in one corner we have legions . . .and legions . . . and legions of SCREAMING fan girls, followed by millions of quieter women who kind of know better but don't give a flying squirrel about how ridiculous they are with their little Robsession. I'm in their camp. And it's not so little (Yeah, that's what she said).

Oh, I may sneak over to Team Jacob now and again, and let's all just admit that the Wolf Pack abs are perfectly lickable, but honestly, it's ROB PATTINSON.

All Hail The Hotness!


And in the other corner, we have Xavier Samuel.

Thanks, JustJared.

Things that I knew about Xavier Samuel, prior to him getting cast as Riley in Eclipse:
  • (crickets)
Things I learned about Xavier Samuel from the general Twiverse prior to writing this post:
  • Australian
  • Blonde
  • Smokes
  • Made the cut for the cast
Things I learned about Xavier Samuel on Wikipedia:
  • He's 25, which makes him older than Rob and not jailbait (in most states) like Taylor.
We'll take that as a win. Some of the cast needs to be of age, or how will I ever get Jacob and the Wolf Pack drunk enough to . . . never mind. Focus, focus, focus.
  • He's done some theater: Two Weeks With The Queen, Osama The Hero, and Mercury Fur.
Never heard of any of those. You? (crickets) Yeah, I kind of thought that.
  • He's done two TV shows. McLeod's Daughters, a series, and Dream Life, a movie.
Still not ringing a bell.
  • There are some movies in there too, 2:37, Angela's Decision, September, Newcastle, The Loved Ones, and Road Train.
Maybe they were big in Australia?

So, basically I'm a prejudiced, original cast loving kind of girl. Who is Xavier Samuel? In my book, until he starts doing Kellan Lutz push up tricks, starts a band a la Mr. Rathbone, or sprouts Wolf Pack worthy abs, this kid is a nobody.

And he's definitely not hotter than Rob!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kellan Lutz: Push Up King

Kellan Lutz does push ups for fans. No, really. This isn't the first time he's done this, but here we are in Atlanta where the hotness decides to show off his push up skills. The actual push ups are totally worth the minute plus of fan teasing that he does here.

Is there a Team Kellan? I may have to sign up, especially if it means I can have Kellan Lutz as my personal trainer. I would do the Kellan Lutz workout . . . well, for a minute. Then I would collapse and just watch him workout. Either way, you know my heart rate would be WAAAYYY up there.

Favorite line from Kellan Lutz during this interview? "I could do more, but I'm not sure you could handle more" . . . .oh Kellan . . . . . .

Hello There, 2010 New Moon Calendar

The committee of people who make the world a better place have been throwing around scans of the 2010 New Moon Calendar. To which I can only say, thank you, thank you, thank you. Here are a pair of the scans:

Miss January, anyone?


I think he's rescuing her . . . or causing me heart failure.
One of the two, that's for sure.


Lovely, aren't they? Repeat after me: Jacob is jailbait, Jacob is jailbait, Jacob is jailbait. Okay, so technically so is Edward, but I think after 108 years of being jailbait they just forget about it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Barney's Version: More Information About The Movie

Tonight I had the opportunity to see Paul Giamatti do his fabulous thing in the The Illusionist(good movie, go watch it if you haven't), which motivated me to find out more about Barney's Version. We've all heard a lot about it over the last week or so, but mostly only in the context of Rachelle Lefevre losing her role as Victoria to Bryce Dallas Howard over the movie. So what the heck is this thing about?

For starters, it's based on a novel. Barney's Version was written by Mordecai Richler, who seems to be pretty much the King of Canadian literature. Seriously. Click through the link to his wikipedia page and tell me there's an award out there he hasn't won yet.

Here are the highlights:
  • Barney's Version was published in 1997.
  • They've been trying to make this thing into a movie for the last 12 years.
  • It's a biography of sorts of the main character, Barney Panofsky.
  • Barney's a television producer.
  • Barney may or may not have murdered his best friend, Boogie, for sleeping with his second wife.
  • Some of Barney & Boogie's mutual friends are pissed about that, and put out a book about Barney's life that pretty much calls him out as the lowest of the low.
  • Barney has to fight back, hence Barney's Version.
Here's more about Rachelle Lefevre's character in the movie, Clara Charnofsky.
  • Clara is Barney's first (of three) wives.
  • They meet in Paris, so I guess part of the movie must be getting filmed there after all? The rest is being filmed in Montreal, fyi.
  • She's a best-selling poet, so this is no decorative bimbo role.
  • She gets to commit a Sylvia Plath style suicide. Barney gets blamed for that, too.
All in all, it's not a bad role. Throw in that Rachelle was born in Canada, and has the chance to make a movie based on a book that was written by Richler, who is revered there, and you can see that she's not exactly ditching the Twilight Saga for crap.

Who else is in this so far? Paul Giamatti, Dustin Hoffman, Scott Speedman, Minnie Driver, and Bruce Greenwood. And those are just the names I recognize. Essentially, if you're worth squat on the Canadian scene, you've put in for a part in this movie. So Rachelle will be getting to rub noses with some serious contenders from every corner of the industry.

The film is being directed by Richard J. Lewis, who pretty much owns CSI. He's made tons of TV, mostly thrillers. Maybe more villianess roles for Rachelle? It's being produced by Robert Lantos, who has made 30 movies in French and English over the years. They're mostly serious pieces with big name stars.

All in all . . .I'm kind of impressed by this film, the more I learn about it. I think Rachelle would have been making a huge sacrifice to give up her role in Barney's Version to stay in Twilight, since it will give her the chance to work with everybody who's anybody north of the border.

So will all the drama with Summit be a career killer? My verdict: Nope. This looks like a win to me.

Whoa, When Did Esme Get Creepy?

Dedicated fangirl A. Luper over at NewMoonMovie did a side by side comparison of the cast looks between the Twilight Hardwicke versions and the Weitz versions.


Some of the looks are improvements (why Hellooooo there, Jacob) but others have me shaking my head.

Obviously, Victoria looks awesome in both, 'cuz she's just that awesome. Edward is starting to look his age. And Esme . . .what have they done with Esme?

I could believe super Mom powers would flow from the innocent looking lady in Twilight, but this Esme looks like she might just eat her own young. There's just something a little extra predatory in the whole ensemble. I'm sure the photo director told them to put on their intense faces for the promo shoot, but I don't want to be freaked out by Supermom anymore!

How You Likin' The Rain, Girl?

Today I went for a jog (a rarity, trust me) under some rolling, Forks worthy clouds.

I really thought I could make it. I thought that outrunning the rain might make me up my snail's pace.

Well, I don't run nearly fast enough, and I totally got caught in a total downpour. Vampire baseball worthy thunder cracks, gushing water everywhere, and my house too far away.

I tried to be tough, and slogged it on home. I will confess to being more than a little freaked out when the tree fell down in front of me!

So here is my rain song . . .yes, there are other versions of it out there on the web, but I chose this one because . . .well . . . . what on earth are these outfits?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bryce Dallas Howard + Jackson Rathbone

Okay, so this post can be filed under . . .oooooo AWKWARD MUCH?

Apparently, our very own near and dear Jackson Rathbone has the hots for Bryce Dallas Howard! Could this be a subplot on the whole Victoria/Rachelle thing? I don't know. I think he meant the comment in a "Well, as long as we're talking about this . . . . ." kind of way, but I think the text of his interview in Seventeen magazine should be fun on-set teasing fodder.

Well, if anyone is speaking to Bryce at that point. If Rachelle stays out. If Jackson doesn't pre-emptively threaten to kick everyone's asses for talking smack about his fantasy girl.

I can't picture it, but they are photoshopped together here!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Photo Smackdown: Kristen Stewart And Nikki Reed

Somebody snarky out there has it in for Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed. And somebody right here (yeah, that would be me!) thought it was freakin' hilarious.

Promoting the hell out of the Twilight Saga, times 2.
nikki reed,kristen stewart

Kate Beckinsdale

I totally love Kate Beckinsdale, btw. I especially love how she made up for Van Helsing with Underworld. No accents, all leather, guns, and vampire sexiness. Hmmm . . . . . .how can we incorporate more of those things into Twilight? Work on it people!