Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vancouver Hotels 25% Cheaper

As you all know, the Eclipse cast is up in Vancouver, getting ready for filming to start. So far, the cast of Eclipse has been out for sushi, been to a concert, gone shopping, and of course, met with fans.

You could have been there.

You could STILL be there.

Shopping with Mr. Lutz? I would brave a mall for that.
Kellan Lutz Shopping

Heck, even I could be there.

Why? Vancouver has gotten affordable. Or, at least, cheaper than it used to be.

I was watching TV at lunch today, trying to recover from a super busy end of week of work here, and I saw that Vancouver hotel rates are down 25% compared to this time last year. And despite trying to hang on to my sanity, my first thought was, "Sweet! Now I can set stalk for Eclipse on the cheap!"

Unfortunately, I was out with normal people, so I couldn't totally squee about it, but it did set the little wheels to spinning. Vancouver hotels 25% off, essentially. I could learn to love this crappy economy after all.

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