Friday, August 7, 2009

Wait, They Let Rob Pattinson Drive In America?

Rob Pattinson was spotted driving away from Kristen Stewart's house early this morning. Apparently, they went to a Bobby Long concert together last night, as reported by Moon over at LettersToTwilight and scooped over on RadarOnline (also by Moon).

The Evidence: Exhibits 1 and 2


Rob Driving

Fine, they're both in town for the Teen Choice Awards instead of being up in Vancouver. Naturally, they should get together. I'm fine with it. Robsten. It's okay. Really.


I mean, honestly, this is like an exhibit in HOW NOT TO BE SUBTLE about creeping around. Separate cabs, people, separate cabs. Yes, it does take away the fun out of making out in the backseat together, but have you learned nothing from fame? Photographers are out there with zoom lenses. Blog girls (who kick ass, btw, Moon, totally love you) are out there with camera phones.

Either blatantly be together, or take some lessons. Hire Angelina Jolie or Johnny Depp as tutors or whatever it takes, but learn to be better at media avoidance.

From there . . . .who else noticed that although Rob is British, he is totally driving in the US? Wrong side of the road and all! On one hand, bully for him for getting it right, and on the other hand . . . .scary as all get out.

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