Friday, July 31, 2009

Rachelle Lefevre Sues Summit

According to the Houston Chronicle, Rachelle Lefevre is officially suing Summit over the loss of her role as Victoria:

"Now the fall out is about to turn ugly - Lefevre has called in her lawyers to secure the salary she was due to receive for the third installment of the Twilight films, citing breach of contract."

Read the whole press release here.

Essentially, Rachelle is out for the salary she was supposed to get for the movie. It doesn't say it in the release, but she would probably also take the role back, too.

The upside of this development? At least we know that Rachelle didn't think she was causing any problems with the Barney's Version role, and that her contract supposedly allowed her to pursue small film projects as well as the mega Twilight stuff.

Do I think it's a good thing? I'm not sure. I'm all for getting her back her role and sticking it to the man, but lawsuits are just plain not a good time.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Still Pissed About Summit? Yeah, Me Too.

Okay, so I had my little rant yesterday about this, and I woke up this morning still pretty ticked. Now that I've taken the time to do more reading about it, the result is . . .yep, still pissed. Summit, you're THE SUCK right now in my book, okay?

I'm hunting for distractions from the Rachelle Lefevre drama, and it isn't really working. Okay, so this works a little:

jacob on fire

But seriously people, I'm reaching here. Do you have better distractions? Email me at runsfromreality [at] gmail [dot] com.

Who Killed Victoria?

I look away from the Twiverse for just a minute while I sort out some real life nonsense, and when I turn around somebody went and killed my favorite bad guy. Well, bad girl.

James, I'm blaming you for this!

Let's all say it together: Rachelle Lefevre is 'effing awesome. She rocks the living evil out of the Victoria character. She pimps herself out at the Twilight promo events, and seems to keep a good humor around the fans. She's earned her love by putting in the hours and rocking things out on screen and off. For Pete's sake people, she even has her own doll now!

I may have to buy these as souvenirs of the glory that was . . . .

Frankly my dears, I am just appalled. I know I'm not alone here on this one, what with the petitions and the letter writing campaigns. I may even send a few of my own. Right after I figure out how to make Summit voodoo dollies to go with the bad vampire dolls. And to that new red haired girl . . . .yes, it's a kick ass part but really, have you no shame?

We all know she belongs in the more than just this poster!


Monday, July 27, 2009

Kevin Smith Loves Twilight?

Okay, I WAS going to post about Twilight merchandise, but this had me falling off my chair LMAO.

Oh, sweet Jesus. This just made my Monday. Kevin Smith, of Clerks & Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back fame, did a stand up routine about Twilight fangirls and the New Moon Movie clips and it is GOLDEN.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Recovering From Comic Con Overload

Comic Con insanity is winding down, leaving everyone out there with an interest in Twilight to sort through the absolutely staggering amount of video and merchandise that were unleashed at the convention.

It's a lot. In some ways, Comic Con totally delivered, because fans were served up not just one, but two sneak peeks of the movie. Hells yeah!


In other ways it kind of sucked, because the initial press conference was short and lame, and although the panel was a little better it still wasn't necessarily everything that fans were wanting. Although, of course, we'll take what we can get.

About the best location for the raw footage, now that bad video and technically flawed live feeds have been sorted out, is over at

The footage is all kind of entertaining, although there are definitely some people who shine more than others. Ashley Greene did well for her first time at a panel of this size, and Rob Pattinson was really sweetly letting Taylor Lautner shine in his moment as the hot one of the movie.

Way to give a win to Team Jacob there Rob!


Kristen seemed a bit off, although to be fair she is really in the middle of doing a totally different kind of film. To be unfair . . .sit up straight hoesbeast, you're the star here!

Also pleasantly surprised by how deadpan funny and self-deprecating Chris Weitz turned out to be. I didn't really like Catherine in her interviews (something about her voice & mannerisms just bugs me) and from his taste in music I wasn't sure I was going to like this guy. And yet. . . he is totally growing on me. Depending on how 'effing awesome the film turns out to be, I may just become a fan.

And then . . . .and then there is the merchandise.

I love you Rachelle, just for holding THAT.

Man, oh man. They are totally whoring this film out to the merch men, and retailers have got to be on their knees saying thank you for this little gem!


More on merch later . . . .once I get over the shirtless Jacob doll!

(Big thanks to ET and photobucket twilight lovers for the photos!)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Rob Pattinson Tells Fangirls Exactly How He Likes It

There are about 10,000 videos and fan streams coming out of the Comic Con insanity yesterday, and I love almost every single one of them. I'm watching them all, sorting for gems, but it's slow, since all the other Twi-fans are fighting me for bandwidth. I'll get you for this, internet.

But this one is going to be a personal favorite for a while. Like, a long while :-) It's Rob Pattinson telling us exactly how he likes it:

The New Scenes From New Moon

I'm a grown woman. Well, mostly grown. And yet, I find that I can still give a high-pitched squee just like the little fan girls do all throughout these videos. Couldn't they watch in silent respect? I mean, it's Jacob with no shirt on. You have to respect that, right? (deafening squeals)

All annoyance aside, here's the dose of awesome covered with win sauce.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fresh New Moon Comic Con Panel Funnies

So, despite massive technical difficulties as every live feed on the web went FAIL the second the panel started, it seems that we do have a bit of win going on here.

Namely, fun quotes:

Kstew on Robsten: Are you kidding me? (And then Summit shut down that line of questioning, LOL)

Pattinson on Vampires: Um, I try to downplay that element.

Oh, really?

Lautner on growling for fans: I don't actually enjoy doing that. (10 million fantasies just went *poof* all over the web)

Rob Pattinson on questions he'd never like to hear again: What was it like kissing Taylor Lautner?

While We Wait For Comic Con Goodies

Okay, so like most of the Twi-blogosphere NOT LUCKY ENOUGH to actually be at Comic Con, I am hanging out and waiting for the goodies to unload after this afternoon's panels.

In the meantime . . . .while this afternoon is going to be all about Rob (well, truthfully, isn't it?) here are a few of the other good things about the movies:




And now back to our regularly scheduled waiting for updates & news . . . . .

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Defending Rob's Sexy = Fail

So, how shocked was I last night when one of my male friends called me up and starts the conversation with: "I don't get it."

What? Huh? Um, hello to you, too?

He continues: "I don't get it. I don't get why women think this guy is sexy."


And then he revealed that he'd been on the blog (squee!) and was perusing the Rob slideshow. And he wasn't getting the thrill.

"His hair . . . that's disgusting. It just looks gross. I don't get what girls see in this guy."

Okay, so if what you're talking about is this guy, then yeah, I don't always get it either.

Rob Looking Retarded

But on the other hand, if what you're talking about is this guy, then, um . . . . . .


. . . .. UM . . . . .


UMMMMM . . . . .


Well, let's just say I totally GET IT then.

You know what I came up with on my own, in the actual moment when Rob needed defending?

"Um . . . . .he's British?"

Yep. That answer, while good for a laugh, was totally made of Fail. Better luck next time, right?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

US Weekly Is Trying To Kill Me

Okay, um . . . .these people are out to get me, I swear. Put down anything heavy, liquid, and/or distracting before clicking below.

Spoof Trailers Never Get Old

I'd seen this before, but it's making the rounds again, and frankly, it's still made of WIN. Added bonus? The Jacob in this video is off legal age to ogle freely!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Say No To This Soundtrack Choice

So, I've been catching up on the music selections for the New Moon Soundtrack, and I am not impressed. I mean, this song pretty much sucks.

And the suckage of this one makes me suspicious of the choices Chris Weitz is making for the rest of the movie accessorizing music and effects wise. 'Cause this is the same man who managed to make the were-Jacob look like a mangy stray. I'm a little worried. . . . .

RPatz vs. Jacob Black Abs

Okay, so the Twiverse is all a flutter over this new photo of Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, and really, I see what the fuss is all about:

Still only 17, y'all. Can you picture him grown up?
Image via USA Today

However, while this is certainly a bit of teasing goodness (although still technically jailbait) an slightly better contest is afoot. Namely, a who has the better abs contest over at E!Online.

And would you believe, even with all that working out, Rpatz is getting more votes than Mr. Black? Of course . . .it's early in the voting. But I'll be curious to see who the ultimate winner is--the gym lover or the smokey treats + make up = abs vampire.

Nikki + Paris = ONOZ!

Well, well, well. Look what we have here! A woman smart enough to land a role where she gets to make out with Kellan Lutz, hanging out with this guy:

Nikki, Nikki, Nikki . . . . . . . Let go of the hand!

This guy, Paris Latsis, a formerly obscure Greek bazillionaire, shot to fame (infamy?) in 2005 when he got engaged to Paris Hilton.

Paris + Paris . . . .Well, at least we can spot his fashion influences!

Now, supposedly Nikki + Paris have been together for 6 months, and she's the love of his life. Right . . . . . .anyone normal, sane, and not internationally famous for their lax moral standards should pretty much be the love of his life.

All I've got to say here is: No.

And again: No.

Yes, I can understand the appeal of dating a billionaire, even if he is the son of a water-ski instructor who scandalized the town by marrying the local princess. Props to his dad. Now, had he left his son judgment (or game--that hair!) things might have been different.

As it is, Nikki . . . . . he was engaged to Paris Hilton. You can't . . . . . well, shouldn't . . . . .go where she's already been. Think of your safety. Think of your career.

Hell, think of Kellan.

Whatever you do . . . . .walk away, walk away!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

How Twilight Merchandise Enters The Home

Okay, I will admit that this is totally inspired by Twitarded's post about the Full-Size Edward Cutout, which is pricelessness redefined.

But it got me thinking about the journal from normal to "That's Normal" when it comes to ownership of Twilight merchandise.

Specifically, it got me thinking about all of the ways that Twilight merchandise manages to make its way off the shelves and into the homes of formerly sane women who have now been converted into crazed TwiLovers.

I think it starts off pretty easy and then progresses. And for the record, I am going to deny, deny, deny any resemblance between this and my own Twilight goody hoardings:

1. You read the books.

2. You buy the books. Hey, you liked reading them, right? Never hurts to have a copy of a good book in the house.

3. You get a bookmark. It's for the books. How are you supposed to mark your page without a bookmark. I recommend an Edward one for Book 1, Jacob for Book 2, and . . .wait, I got distracted looking at a shirtless Jacob bookmark. Ah, screw it. Just get Wolf Pack for all of them. You've got a lot of favorite parts, and there's a lot of Wolf Pack to go around.

4. Right, tearing away from the books, you watch the movie.

5. You buy the movie. How are you supposed to enjoy the special features if you don't own the movie, right?

6. Download the soundtrack. Or buy it. Or both. Whatever. Rock out to "Eyes On Fire" like a total badass. Attempt to say the last names of the song writers . . .if you dare.

7. Get a movie poster. Because it's funny. It's just a joke. Ha-ha, look how much I'm into this silly movie. Ha, ha, ha . . . .ahem. Continue to maintain joke excuse despite the multiple posters. Deny Robsession and/or Team Jacob status.

8. Buy a magazine with a Twilight themed article. Because you need something to read on the train/in the car/later this afternoon.

9. Buy the "Sexy Stars Of Twilight" and/or the US Weekly with six pages of Robert Pattinson. Personally, I recommend the "and" over the "or" option. Again, deny Robsession and/or Team Jacob status. Maintain you are Team Switzerland, or Team Carlisle.

10. See some Twilight chocolate at the store. Squeal like a fan girl, then buy it. It's chocolate, who gives a flying .. . um, squirrel? . . .what's on the the wrapper. It's Robert Pattinson themed chocolate! And you're so . . .hungry. Yeah, that's why you need it. Several packs of it. The hunger, OME THE HUNGER.

11. Laugh at other people's photos of Mini Edward and Tonner Edward. Think about how fun it would be to have one of your own. Think of the possibilities. Examine your budget and buy the one that fits. Or both. I'm not judging, just jealous.

12. Inadvertently mention a Twilight related interest near a birthday. Receive a Twilight pillow, blanket, mousepad, messenger bag, etc . . . .if you are lucky and have been a good girl.

13. Wake up and realize that you have a Twilight lair, complete with books, magazines, stickers (Team Edward, Team Jacob), buttons (I Like Boys Who Sparkle!), pillows, Mini Edward AND Tonner Edward.

14. Pretend you don't know how all of that got in here. Laugh about it. Scream if anyone attempts to separate you from your merch. My precious!

15. Plan to attend a premier event or set stalk later this fall. Shop for Pattinson Pants, cause you can. They'll look so much better on you anyway, it won't seem weird at all.

16. Browse Etsy for Twilight shoes and other unique merch. There are 12,885 items listed, including necklaces (nice and snarky), bracelets, lotions . . . there are just so many creative folks out there, how can you not support them?

17. Um . . . . admit you have a problem? Oh wait . . .if you admit you have a problem, that might imply you want it fixed. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH . . . .ahem.

18. Wonder what sweet merch will be coming out with New Moon. Wonder if 30 is too old for rub on Wolf Pack tattoos . . . .

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rob Pattinson Harry Potter Snark

Okay, so I was totally inspired by the Jimmy Fallon thing yesterday to hunt down more Cedric Diggory / Rob Pattinson vs. Twilight madness related funnies. This is helping me fuel two obsessions at once for the week! Yes, I am seeing Harry Potter again today. Yes, I am almost 30. Don't judge like that, cause I'm making time for Twilight too.

Or at least Twilight tie-ins. Here were some of the images I found that did the trick!

Robert Pattinson, Daniel Radcliffe
see more Lol Celebs

daniel radcliffe and robert pattinson
see more Lol Celebs

And my personal favorite:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Yay For Radcliffe v. Pattinson

Okay, so I was one of the obsessed who went to the midnight premier of the Potter. The movie was good, the crowd not so much. The last time I did one of these movie premiers, the theater had hired a magician and people were in full-on costumes, complete with wand.

New state, new theater = well, at least they served beer.

Anyway, the movie was epic win, as Draco is a hella good lurker and the 10,000 Gollums rushing Potter were priceless (Yes, when they appeared I did indeed utter, 'My Precious!') so it was totally worth it.

Not so worth it? Being absolutely shot for the next 2 days thanks to lack of sleep + real world. Actually had to be on a Twi-news diet due to deadlines and massive restriction of internet browsing time. BOOOOO!

Fortunately, not everyone was suffering like me. Some people were out there creating this bit of pricelessness:

I almost forgive Mr. Fallon for some of his earlier work thanks to this. Almost. Well done.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cheating on Robert Pattinson

Confession: I'm cheating on Robert Pattinson.

Actually, I'm cheating on Edward Cullen and the whole Cullen clan, plus Jacob, if you really want to get technical about it.

And I'm not going to be sorry about it either, because I'm cheating on them with this man:


That's right! Someone has tickets to the midnight showing. Now, I love Twilight just as much as the next girl (more, probably), but frankly my friends, it's Harry Potter. You can't not go.

Especially once you've discovered the absolute hysteria of the midnight showings. . . . .oh my, my, my, my.

So, sorry Rob, but today is going to be all about someone else. I'll make it up to you . . . tomorrow.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Twilight Body Double Love

The fine folks over at have surfaced some video of the Italy shoot, featuring the Porsche bit and a bunch of Twilight body double loving.

Seriously, right after the first 30 seconds, where everyone can collectively bag on the hideous-ass coat they have put on the Alice character, you get to see 7 hysterical minutes of obsession. Someone is deep in love with the body doubles in New Moon. We're talking super zoom in, constant camera stalking, lingering glances following their every move love with these body doubles. Kinda creepy, kinda loltastic.

Right after a pretty good fake out with the Kristen Stewart body double where you think it's her, they show fans getting photos with the Rob Pattinson double. Part of me is like, why? And another part of me points out that a picture with a hot guy is a picture with a hot guy. So, no hating on that there--these fans certainly look happy enough!

Monday: Rob Pattinson Behind!

Well, after waking up Saturday with a major fan fic hangover, I then had to go into total Twiville withdrawl as I went to visit the family. Love the fam, love them, even though not a one of them is a Twilight reader. Which means it's awful hard to talk about anything Twilight related, leaving me forced to discuss other things. Gaack!

Thus, I am behind on my Twi-fix. Working on it. Also behind on work projects, behind on laundry laundry, behind on housecleaning, behind on grocery shopping, bill paying, hair cut getting, etc, etc, behind, behind, behind . . . .


Yeah, I went there. It's Monday, why the heck not?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Twilight Fan Fic Hangover

Is it possible to get a hangover from reading Twilight fan fiction? Cause that's what I think is wrong with me this morning.

Why, why, why do I read fan fiction before bedtime? I know that shit does not help me sleep. It just sucks me in and makes me want more, more, more, more and the next thing I know it is 4 am in the morning.

To be completely trite: It's my own personal brand of heroin.

And I am turning in to such a junkie! Oh, Lord help me . . . . . . find new stories to read.

Two of the better stories from last night:

1. Scotch, Gin, and the New Girl: So awesome, despite the fact that everyone is a raging high school drunk. When preppy Edward is dragged to Target for the first time by Bella, I laughed so hard . . .I've lived in Target land, and it's a happy place. But it's just one quality scene from a quality story about a bad bet, a love triangle, and getting to be with the person who is really right for you.

Oh, and read all the accompanying notes/outtakes. Not all are awesome, but it's like licking the last bit of frosting off the spatula. You just gotta.

2. Thank You, Elvis. This one isn't done, but it was on the Lazy Yet Discerning Ficster and I'll be curious to see how it goes. Essentially, Jasper + Edward vs. Jasper + Alice . . .which way will it turn out? Oh, the angst, the angst!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Blogging Observations: Week 1 And What's Ahead

Well, it is officially Friday. Hallelujah!

It is also officially the end of my first week as a Twilight blogger, having given in to my Twilight obsession last Friday. I do have to say that it is awesome--I didn't realize how liberating it would feel to totally admit that I am bat shit Twicrazy like whoa and just roll with it. Here are some of the highs of week 1.

Highlights + Shoutouts

1. Thank you everybody for reading, and to the people who wrote comments, I love y'all to death. Totally makes my day!

2. I learned about photobucket and glittery font (see banner + Fun With Photos). I have the skillz of a three year old and the enthusiasm of a high schooler with a new driver's license. Be warned.

3. I lost weight! Hells yeah . . .like every other female on the planet with a terror of raging FUPA this has been an ongoing project for me, but it wasn't going anywhere until this last week, when I lost 7 pounds. Apparently staring at Rob and the Wolf Pack shirtlessTwilight stuff all day burns calories like crazy.

4. To the fine folks at LTT/LTR, Twitarded, and Something Less Productive as well as Cleolinda you are my life now I can't get through the day without reading you.

5. To all the other Twi-writers out there . . .I'm consistently entertained and inspired. The creativity, humour, and snark rock my world.


So . . . I had this brilliant idea for a Twilight exercise series while I was doing leaps of joy after getting of the scale today (Yes, it's a first). Watch for upcoming tips on how to shape yourself up using only the Twilight merch you already have (just admit it) and photos of Robert Pattinson et. al. you can print off the internet. My aim is to make it a good time AND a good workout. From "Stretching with Rob" to the "Biceps of Black", I'll try and post up one a week until we're all toned enough to withstand a fan girl mobfest without getting killed.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Twilight in the Wall Street Journal

Right, so I'm pretty sure this one can get filed under "Shit I never thought I'd see".

The Wall Street Journal, better known for stuffy business articles, a conservative editorial page, and some of the most boring entertainment reviews I have ever read, has shocked me. They've actually shocked me. Bear in mind that at one point I worked in one of the top banks in the country and thought I'd read or heard every bit of nonsense the paper could put out as it reported on our company.

Little did I know . . . .just when I was actually browsing for non-Twilight related news, the WSJ was going to move (albeit briefly) from Peggy Noonan to Edward Cullen.

Check out the LOLs as the WSJ tries to get all serious about the Harry Potter vs. Twilight phenom.

I mean, not all that bad, but it's like discovering your grandma reads fanfic. It's slightly cool, but mostly wrong.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Saw The Scans

Right about the time I whine about it being quiet, someone pulls my attention to the fact that the new US Weekly has a 6 page spread of Rob Pattinson.

And apparently they've thrown a bucket of water on him. Good times!

For those of you who are, like me, a little to lazy to run to the store and be caught dead buying that US Weekly crapola, Robsessed has taken one for the team and gotten scans of the photos.

Thanks ladies!

Not Even In Theaters Yet And I'm So Over Remember Me

So, as it seems like a quiet day on the Twilight front, I was looking through some of the photos and links that I had missed out on earlier in the week while I was messing with KStew pregnant photo manips. (no, I haven't decided what to do with them, maybe post later, maybe not. Snark + Ultrasounds = Just a little odd)

And it struck me: I am SO over Remember Me, and it hasn't even made it to theaters yet.

Heck, the darn thing isn't even in post-production.

It's just that the thing sounds like exactly the kind of Lifetime/Oxygen Channel rom com tearjerker that makes me feel dirty for even admitting I've watched it.

Oh, they're billing it as the "Love Story" of our day. Right . . . .you know what I liked about Love Story? The soundtrack. I actually knew the score before I really knew the movie, and I could play most of it on the piano. Mega props to the composers.

The story itself . . . . .hmmm. Well, if they really want it to be like that, then instead of Rob Darling getting all smacked around, Ms. Romantic Interest needs to get terminally ill and die. Like, stat. THAT would certainly liven things up--well, at least over here in fan fantasy land, where we all get cast as the replacement, LOLs.

But seriously . . .does anyone else have a sneaking suspicion that this movie is going to be an EPIC SUCK? Oh, I'm sure it will commercially successful, cause we're all terrible suckers for Rob movies, but . . . . well, you know what I'm saying here.

Fun With Photos: This Speaks For Itself


Watch This: You Bring Me Closer To Rob

Okay, still on a mission to not think about Robsten and the possible KStew baby. What better way to do that than to enjoy something that is 100% pure Rob alone?

View the original with comments here.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ROFLMAO: Rob Done Up Dr. Suess Style

Okay, so I wasn't going to look at my Twilight feeds just yet, right? Except I needed something to bleach my mind of Robsten baby insanity.

Thank goodness for Letters To Rob and their ongoing brilliance over there. This one was a fan created piece of goodness created by Zephyersky, and it is JUST PERFECT for refocusing and having a good laugh.

Check it out here: I would do Rob anywhere


Seriously, This Can't Be True: A Robsten Baby?

Okay, who thinks of this crap? Followed closely by me shrieking NO, NO, NO over and over again.

So, I'm reading the pages over at, because it's time for my 5 o'clock gossip break and I'm not 100% ready to launch into Twilight feeds. That's for later tonight, and I'm holding it out as a bribe to myself for finishing a certain project.

Reading along . . .MJ madness, Madonna flashing folks, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah when I see this:

"Rob Pattinson Knocks Up Kristen Stewart?"

Ach, heart attack! This better be utter blogland bullshit or . . . .or . . . .well, Rob, I'll raise it for you as long as I get to have the next one.

Fan Fic Strikes Again

Honestly, I don't know what possesses me to start reading fan fic late at night! I know if I find a good story I will stay up however long it takes to finish it!!

Last nights striker was The Office, which is so fantastic it even has its own blog. Tby789 has me hooked, line and sinker. If you haven't read it yet, be prepared for a side of Bella and Edward not in the original books, but completely, fantastically (and *ahem* maturely) awesome.

Full Moon = Jacob Post Time!

So, I went out for a walk and I noticed that the moon was nice and full. Which made me think of New Moon, which made me think of Jacob. And I did feel a weensy bit guilty about how much I laughed at the "La Push Jacob Off A Cliff" thing I posted earlier. So I thought I would make it up to me, and karmically to him, by posting some yummy Team Jacob shirtless pics!

First a little one . . .

And then the lovely big one . . .

Here's a little wolf pack loving too, just because it's a big full moon night down here in Raleigh. And well, because it's the wolf pack . . . YUM!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Merch Madness: Illustrated Guide to Forks

Well, well, well. It appears that the good people down at the Chamber of Commerce in Forks have realized what a potential cash cow they have just for existing. They've come out with a new book, Twilight Tours: An Illustrated Guide to the Real Forks, which is now available for pre-order.

I'm torn. I am debating making a big trek to the NW this fall, but I like to pretend that it is 100% because I have a dear friend moving out there and I can totally stay with her and get caught up with her (while set stalking Vancouver together, hells yeah!). I mean, there is really no need for me to have this book, right? It's not like I would go there, right?

Hmmmm . . . . . . .thoughts?

Twilight Obsession: Best Diet Ever

Okay, guess who's lunch totally got cold while she was looking at Twilight images on photobucket just for a minute? You get three guesses and the first two don't count.

Who says there's nothing good about a Twilight obsession? I read Twilight related everything and food somehow just seems to get ignored . . . Twilight is the best diet ever :-)

ROFLMAO: La Push Jacob Black Graphic

Twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

Okay, so I am not necessarily a full-blown Team Edward member, but admit it, this shit is AWESOME. Can NOT believe I am only today discovering the brilliance of photobucket! Many thanks to Blue_Blanket for being fantastic and totally making my afternoon.

Rob Pattinson: Just Not That Into You, NYC

Oh, file this one under hysterical. It earns points for irony, angst, and being probably very true.

RPatz is not a fan of NYC.

According to New York Daily News, all the fan girl craziness has made him want to go hide out in London for . . . hmmm, at least the rest of the summer?

". . . On-set sources from the hunky Brit’s new film, "Remember Me," now filming in the Big Apple, reveal that the actor is hopelessly homesick for London.

"Robert is dying to get back home," says an insider. "He's so over everything. He's overwhelmed by all the girls — they terrify him! He says girls grab his neck and clothing all of the time, and he’s not used to that. Fans don’t do that to him in London. Everyone there is a little cooler about the fame thing, which is what he’s used to.”. . ."

Read the whole bit of gossipy angst over at NY Daily News.

Nope, not feeling the NYC love. . . hence the sad, lost look!

The part I like best, though, is the insider being "everyone there is a little cooler about the fame thing", as if to imply that Manhattanites are unhip and uncool when it comes to handling celebrity. Hahaha . . .take that!

Of course, you can't really blame the insider or Rob for bagging on the city. Between the stalking, mobbing, and getting run over by a taxi, it has been an interesting summer. Add in the sweltering, stinky mugginess that is a New York summer and I could see where our pale precious would be longing for some cool London air and enough personal space to breathe it in without getting crushed by a fangirl.

That having been said, I also think London is lovely this time of year . . . .so Rob, when you do bail on sticky, icky, downtown NYC, make sure you've got a companion ticket for me!

Road Trip To Knoxville: Contemplating It

So, the New Moon is premiering in Knoxville. I'll let the brilliance of that choice be another issue, but add 10 points because Knoxville is within a day's drive of Raleigh. Am I legitimately contemplating making the trip?

Uh, isn't everyone?

The Other Admittedly Obsessed

So, I was just going to do one little blog post and go to bed, right? Not continue reading Twilight stuff and go hunting for Twilight Fan Fiction. No, no, no . . . . .OH YES!!!

Ahem. Where were we? Oh, right. Twilight Fan Fiction, the greatest and most addictive thing since sugar, only less fattening. I'm new to the whole universe there, but I am loving it and trying not to get completely hooked to the point that I no longer sleep because I'm too busy reading fanfic.

Yet . . .here we are . . . me supposed to be writing promotional copy for car insurance, which makes me think of Carlisle, which makes me think I've got a small brain completely dominated by TwiCrack. So I'm over checking out some fan fic when I discover that my clever name is not so clever.

Damn, there's another Admittedly Obsessed, who wrote some amazing fan fic THAT SHE DELETED. Son of a . . .how am I supposed to read it if it's deleted? Apparently it won awards and the whole nine yards. And I can't have it . . . .ach, frustration central, right here, right now!

Okay, so not dealing with that well (it's like hearing, I made ice cream . . . .but it's gone), but did want to give a shout out to her and note to you all that I am not nearly cool enough to have written award winning fanfic. Someday, maybe. . . I'll let you know. Also did not know about her when I picked the blog id, but hopefully won't be an issue! Props to her for her mad skills, though.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Screw Baseball, Bring Me Rob Pattinson

Okay, so I know that as a Twilight lover I ought to be all thrilled about the Vampire Baseball event coverage . . . .ooohhh, shirtless Alex Meraz, right? YAWN.

Baseball bores the snot out of me. Yes, I know it's supposed to be our national pastime, but seriously? Can't we update the national pastime to reading Twilight over and over while drooling over photos of Rob Pattinson instead?

MMMM, Yummy!

I mean, really the only reason the vampire baseball scene in the movie is tolerable is because you've got Kellan Lutz in tight pants (Hurrah!) and you know that any minute the bad guys come rolling up to start the show. Plus, well, did I mention Kellan Lutz in tight pants?

So vampire baseball does nothing for me. Hopefully it did a little something nice for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, but next time they need a fundraiser I suggest getting workout videos by the Cullen boys!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Eyes On Fire Dance Video

Just to show that you never know where Twilight inspired pure awesomeness is going to turn up, here is Blue Foundation's Eyes on Fire being used as a contestant piece on So You Think You Can Dance.

I love this video because the dance manages to be beautiful and completely creepy at the same time. It nice to see something that emphasizes the eerie half of the Twilight world. Plus, if you've ever tried any of these moves you can appreciate that they are really, really challenging. I have very vivid memories of trying to be cool and taking a contemporary dance class and ending up with bruises for weeks from all the "falls" that were part of the dance.

These dancers, Kayla Randomski and Kupono Aweau, pulled off a great dance. And props of course to the choreographer, Sonya Tayeh, for being a not-so-secret Twilight fan!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Yes, I'm Late To The Party

Twilight had been going strong for quite some time before my hand slipped to my sister's shelf one fateful evening in late May. The smooth black book jacket was cool to the touch as I took it in my hand and cracked the spine . . . .

20 hours later it was done.

Not just the one book. The whole set. Plus Midnight Sun.

Life just wasn't the same afterward. Oh, I tried to pretend like I wasn't affected. Like I wasn't guzzling the Kool-Aid like a roofer in July.

Lies, all lies! My page view history calls me out. The same for the sudden spate of bookmarked sites that I must visit daily. As if the Twilight Top 21 could even begin to cut it . . . .

I'm speed reading my way through all of it now. ALL OF IT. Must . . . .read . . . the Twilight gossip, snark, and updates!

Work? Sleep? Who does that crap once they've discovered the pure, unadulterated goodness that is the Twiverse? I'd say bless you, Stephenie Meyer, bless you. . . . .but I'm not sure what I love more . . .the books themselves or everything that's come after.