Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for reading, and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and joyous holiday season. I've already been presented with my first Twilight gift, from a friend who really thought I needed this:

I know an embarrassingly large number of the answers, although questions like "Who was the first out in the vampire baseball game?" totally had me stumped. (It was Rosalie). Presenting it to the family as a gag gift and we are so playing it this next week while the sisters are here and we are all snowed in here.
In addition to my gag gift from my friend, the universe also chipped in with the announcement that Kellan Lutz will be the new Marky-Mark style underwear boy for Calvin Klein.
Kellan Lutz
Frankly, I can not wait for those billboards to go up ;-)
Anyway, with a warm image to send you off, have a very Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chapter 5 of Distilling Down is Up!

Sorry it has been quiet . . . I've been sick and also been moving house. Everytime I move, I swear it's the last time, and every time I lie.

I did make some progress in the story arena, and I am pleased that this chapter turned out to be funnier than I'd planned while still moving the action along.

Here's a short teaser:

St. Petersburg, Bella’s POV

Rage made my vision swim and I hugged the chimneystack tighter. Get a hold of yourself, I thought. So you’ve been shot. You’ve been shot before. What’s a few darts instead of bullets? My body responded with another bout of the heaves. Okay, I thought, maybe I need to lay down for a while and recover instead of running around on rooftops in the warm evening sun.

Just as soon as I figured out where to go to ground. Letting go of the chimneystack, I started unsteadily for the next house. Counting detours to make sure there was no Laurent behind me, I was what . . . three miles from a safe place? Four?

Unless Laurent was waiting for me up ahead. The thought brought me up short, which was a bad thing, because I’d already jumped for the next rooftop.

Oh, this just makes my day, I thought. I grabbed for the ledge and missed, stripped a power cord, thumped a balcony, and landed stonily on my feet.

Right in front of a ghost.

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed, stepping back.

“Ben Cheney.” I replied, straightening up. Or trying to. My head spun, my vision swam, and the sidewalk zoomed up to meet me.

Read the rest at:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kellan Lutz: Not So Pretty In Pink

Here's a photo of Kellan Lutz at the Golden Globes party honoring Young Hollywood. I hate to say it, but this picture pretty much sucks. I love Kellan and think he's super hot in most photos, but his skin, the blond hair, and this background do not go together.

Kellan Lutz

Real Life Sucks Like The Paparazzi

Going in to the holiday season, I will confess that I envisioned myself rolling in a smorgasboard of fun Twilight related adventures coming after New Moon before having to pack things away to face my parents like a grown adult. (Oh, that movie with the vampires? Never heard of it) Instead, it seems like all I have done since Thanksgiving is be miles behind on reading my favorite blogs and catching up. My blog "to do" list is now almost as long as my real life "to do" list.

And so help me, my real life to do list is long. Where was my mind when I thought moving in mid-December would be a piece of cake? Even more importantly, where was my mind when I thought taking on four new work projects and breaking out with a fan fiction story of my very own was going to work out well.

Last night's emergency: Could not open a .odt file with my Project Team Beta feedback vs. articles due today for client in Australia

Solution: Blow four hours fighting with Open Office download. Crash computer. Rant. Retry. Lose again. Rant. Finish the second book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series (recommend!) while downloading again. Finesse Chapter 5 of my story. No actual work, feel guilty for attempting to research Max Steel (if that's going to be Taylor Lautner, I need to know) and get no actual work done.

Yep. No work done last night. Which is why I am working tonight, again, and will be all weekend, AGAIN. While having blog withdrawls. I'm catching them up one at a time, and storing away a monster folder of things I want to talk about here. In my other 24 hours in a day . . .

Support the Twilight universe on my behalf, people! I'm letting the team down at the moment.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Joined Twitter For The Hair

The apocalypse must be near, because I've joined Twitter. For the hair.

Not just any hair. The Cullen's hair . . .or more specifically, the associated wigs. It's hysterical on some levels, weird in others, and fascinating to me all the while because while I knew that Twitter was happening, I wasn't on board.

I am now, though. You can find me as @runsfromreality, and just bear with me until I get the hang of this all.

Stuff The Critiques, Fan Boys

My head is swimming a bit as I try to absorb all the New Moon commentary that has been going on while my mom was here and I was a bit . . . distracted. I did make it through the New Moon in 15 minutes, but otherwise it's just been random things here and there. I have noted an inordinate amount of fan boy glee over The Blind Side knocking New Moon out of its #1 perch.

Here's the thing, fan boys. You can just suck it. Yes, I know you hate every aspect of the Twilight saga. It offends you on some visceral level, and you just can't leave it alone. You know why?

We don't care that you don't like it.

I really do think that's what's at the bottom of a large back of the harsh reception by the "official" commentary on New Moon (Read 7 threatened fanboy responses to New Moon to see what I mean) . The movie has made over $600 million bucks, despite critics panning it left and right. It's fun to watch, and even more fun if you've read all the books. Who cares if some hipper than you film critic hates it?

And that just chafes their willies. It's not being wrong . . . it's being considered irrelevant.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Moon in 15 Minutes

If you've been with me for a while, you know that I am a mega-fan of Cleolinda Jones and her take on the Twilight saga. It was one of my first introductions into the world of Twilight snark and commentary, and I'm a loyalists.

Thus, while Mummy packs up for the airport, I snuck off to read the New Moon in 15 Minutes.

Totally worth it! And the comments on the posting are great too--apparently you can now follow the Cullen's hair on Twitter. Start with @jaspercurls and go from there. But first . . .

New Moon in 15 Minutes, courtesy of Cleolinda Jones.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Twi-Life on the DL

A quick shout out to the Twilight community - - I miss you! My mom is staying with me this week, making my opportunities to get my reading and posting done limited in the extreme. Something about not wanting to explain my fixation . . . . I'll be back with a vengeance on the weekend!