Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Confessions

Happy Monday! I'm kicking off with confessions.
  • I totally gave my friend vampire books for her birthday
  • I then introduced her to Fan Fiction
  • I'm in the processes of creating a monster who is as addicted as me
  • I will be helping her move for the next couple of days so posting will be spotty
Can I just say how good it is to be around someone I can totally corrupt into vampire love? I love it! It's like every time I find someone who is not afraid to embrace their inner potential as a Twilight / Vampire addict I get SO EXCITED. Eventually, all of my real life friends will be onto my vampire crazy, but for now I am taking it one at a time.

In actual Twilight news:
  • They shot some graduation scenes. Yawn. I'll confess right now . . .I'm waiting for the fight scenes. Fight, fight, fight! Screw pics of people standing around in graduation robes . . .I want people in full fight mode, vamps with their fangs out and the Wolf Pack all muscle-y. Little things, right?
  • Some Twilight people went to dinner this weekend. Hey, the sushi industry in Vancouver can't support itself, right?
  • Robert Pattinson, after 12 days of hiding out after being photographed "making out" with Kristen Stewart at a Kings of Leon concert, was finally seen on set as Edward Cullen.
It's Alive!

robert pattinson

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  1. I love corrupting, erm, converting friends. It's so much fun!