Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bryce Dallas Howard + Jackson Rathbone

Okay, so this post can be filed under . . .oooooo AWKWARD MUCH?

Apparently, our very own near and dear Jackson Rathbone has the hots for Bryce Dallas Howard! Could this be a subplot on the whole Victoria/Rachelle thing? I don't know. I think he meant the comment in a "Well, as long as we're talking about this . . . . ." kind of way, but I think the text of his interview in Seventeen magazine should be fun on-set teasing fodder.

Well, if anyone is speaking to Bryce at that point. If Rachelle stays out. If Jackson doesn't pre-emptively threaten to kick everyone's asses for talking smack about his fantasy girl.

I can't picture it, but they are photoshopped together here!


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