Monday, August 10, 2009

Bryce Dallas Howard Sacrilege!

Well, Catherine Hardwicke has once again annoyed the snot out of me by speaking in public. It's not just that I don't like her voice this time, though. This time, she's revealing that Rachelle Lefevre was not the first choice to play Victoria . . .it was supposed to be Bryce Dallas Howard all along!

However, at the time, the Twilight saga was beneath Bryce, so she passed on it . . .or her people said it was too small for her . . .or something. And now, when the sheer awesome venom goodness that is Rachelle Lefevre's portrayal of Victoria has made it into a bigger part . . .lo and behold, Bryce Dallas Howard has her hands all over it.

It's a sacrilege, people. I am not amused. Rachelle rocked Victoria and was a really good Twilight trooper. Yes, Barney's Version spells bigger and better things for her down the road, but she doesn't really need people going around saying, well, we didn't really want her anyway. Way to kick a kid when they're down, Catherine.

I still love you, Rachelle, and you'll always be Victoria to me!

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