Monday, July 20, 2009

Nikki + Paris = ONOZ!

Well, well, well. Look what we have here! A woman smart enough to land a role where she gets to make out with Kellan Lutz, hanging out with this guy:

Nikki, Nikki, Nikki . . . . . . . Let go of the hand!

This guy, Paris Latsis, a formerly obscure Greek bazillionaire, shot to fame (infamy?) in 2005 when he got engaged to Paris Hilton.

Paris + Paris . . . .Well, at least we can spot his fashion influences!

Now, supposedly Nikki + Paris have been together for 6 months, and she's the love of his life. Right . . . . . .anyone normal, sane, and not internationally famous for their lax moral standards should pretty much be the love of his life.

All I've got to say here is: No.

And again: No.

Yes, I can understand the appeal of dating a billionaire, even if he is the son of a water-ski instructor who scandalized the town by marrying the local princess. Props to his dad. Now, had he left his son judgment (or game--that hair!) things might have been different.

As it is, Nikki . . . . . he was engaged to Paris Hilton. You can't . . . . . well, shouldn't . . . . .go where she's already been. Think of your safety. Think of your career.

Hell, think of Kellan.

Whatever you do . . . . .walk away, walk away!!!!


  1. walk away? NOEZ! RUNZ AWAY!

    You couldn't be more correct. That hair is both terrifying and nauseating. Though in all honestly, that green blob there? I'm almost thrilled that it's there, as Nikki's outfit is a bit of blech itself....

  2. Indeed! Between hair, dress, togetherness . . .there's not much in this photo that isn't made of sad/fail.

  3. For Real. Why is it that in that outfit, even with that hair, he brings to mind the gayest version of John Stamos circa Full House EVER?!?!

  4. OMG, I love that Stamos reference . . . .because it's so true. I'm going to be snickering all day at that.