Friday, August 21, 2009

Something Nice Happens To Leah?

In blatant violation of the unwritten but surely chiseled in stone Twi-Rule that nothing good can happen to Leah Clearwater, Julia Jones has been cast as Leah for Eclipse.

Julia Jones

Eat it, Cousin Emily!

Julia Jones

You know what I don't see in these photos?

Bitterness. Or at least that kind of hard flinty eye that lets you know this is a woman who has been through some major pain and suffering. Leah Clearwater is NOT a happy camper, though she is trying to deal. She just gets the short end of the stick on a lot of things.

Julia Jones seems too nice for the role. On the other hand, her last major movie was called Hell Ride, so maybe there is some inner badass lurking in there that is really coming to make this work.

Fun Things I Learned About Julia Jones researching this post:
  • She's studied ballet since she was 4
  • She likes doing the NY Times Crossword (brains, I LIKE IT)
  • She has a degree in English from The Columbian University (translation: has probably read the books--and that's a good thing, too)


  1. The one good thing that HAS happened is that they didn't cast vanessa what's-her-name to play the part - lol! now SHE would never be able to pull off the bitter thing... don't get me wrong, she seems nice and all but too disney to play the part. plus she's got to be busy being taycob's girlfriend (awww...).

    : )

  2. Well, if they did cast Hudgens as Leah, we would have seen what happens when you get Efron and RPattz in the same room, since you know they would have "gone for sushi" or something like that during filming. It would have been paparazzo gold, followed by snark blogger gold.

    It would have almost been worth it. Almost.