Monday, August 10, 2009

The Men At The Teen Choice Awards

A breakdown of the ladies outfits should only be followed by a breakdown of the men's clothes, right? And if only I could get the men's clothes to break down . . . . . wait, that's another post.

Jackson Rathbone


Um, channeling our inner Johnny Depp much? The hair, the sunglasses, the vest . . . when you run away to France I am SO FOLLOWING YOU THERE!

Taylor Lautner


Suit, man. Where is the suit? And must you always do that thing with your hair? Shark week is over, baby, over! But how mad at you can I really be when yes, you're still hot, even when you're not wearing a suit.

Kellan Lutz

robert pattinson,jackson rathbone,kellan lutz

All clean cut and charming, as ever. I was kind of hoping you would whip out something really funky, not unlike your disguise at the Comic Con event here.

kellan lutz

Robert Pattinson

MMMMMMM. So Rob, I hear you won the award for "Choice Hottie" . . .how does that not happen every day?



And one without all the surfboards and nonsense in it . . . . .Congratulations on the hotness, Rob, although, please, next time can you wear a suit? I love you in a suit.


Thanks to Socialite Life, Just Jared, and Getty for the Photos!


  1. I'm a freaking hot mess right now. I heart Jackson in a big way. The break-down was awesome...hehehe.

  2. Glad you liked it! I've learned I have to cut Jackson some slack though . . evidently he did a show with 100 monkeys right around the same times as the awards show, meaning he probably needed those sunglasses to overcome the combination of 1 billion paparazzi flashbulbs and a hangover.