Thursday, July 30, 2009

Who Killed Victoria?

I look away from the Twiverse for just a minute while I sort out some real life nonsense, and when I turn around somebody went and killed my favorite bad guy. Well, bad girl.

James, I'm blaming you for this!

Let's all say it together: Rachelle Lefevre is 'effing awesome. She rocks the living evil out of the Victoria character. She pimps herself out at the Twilight promo events, and seems to keep a good humor around the fans. She's earned her love by putting in the hours and rocking things out on screen and off. For Pete's sake people, she even has her own doll now!

I may have to buy these as souvenirs of the glory that was . . . .

Frankly my dears, I am just appalled. I know I'm not alone here on this one, what with the petitions and the letter writing campaigns. I may even send a few of my own. Right after I figure out how to make Summit voodoo dollies to go with the bad vampire dolls. And to that new red haired girl . . . .yes, it's a kick ass part but really, have you no shame?

We all know she belongs in the more than just this poster!


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