Monday, August 17, 2009

Touching Rob Pattinson Professionally

So, I had the most wonderful 2 hour massage today, which made me think of the Twilight boys.

Let me break that logic down for you:

1. My massage was an awesome reward for surviving a busy week.

2. Eclipse just started filming. Lots of busy weeks coming up here.

3. Massage therapists get to touch people for a living.

4. People doing vampire stunts probably ache after a long week.

5. People who have muscle aches are likely to engage the services of a masseuse.

6. The Eclipse team probably includes a group of professional masseurs.

7. Someone is making a living out of rubbing down Rob Pattinson after a long day.

8. Someone is making a living out of helping Taylor Lautner ease those poor overworked muscles of his.

9. Someone is making a living out of helping Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Xavier Samuel, and the Wolfpack with their "tension".

10. Someone's life is hella good.

11. I knew I should have dropped out of school and become a masseuse. Damn career counselors didn't know what could have been in my hands. For hours each day. After which someone would have handed me a fat paycheck. For touching the Twilight boys.

12. Damn, damn, damn!

13. Sigh. Tell me again why my parents wanted me to have a real career? Someone out there is getting paid to touch those hot ass actors, and I'm just relaxed enough not to be too jealous.


  1. Hey there, great blog, I have added as a link on my site. No reciprocation expected as I very much appreciate this is a Twilight focused blog! If I copy anything from here from now on I will of course reference you. Keep up the good work:-)

  2. Thanks for the ad! I went to your site, too . . . .and HELLO! Good bye a few hours of my life. You have one heck of a collection going on over there. MMMM . . . .I'll be back for more.

    Thanks for being a reader and for commenting . . .comments make my day!