Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fan Fic Will Be The Damn Death Of Me

This week, while fighting off real life with both hands, I managed to discover three very awesome fan fic stories. Insert massive happiness at plots and character usage, remove about 15 hours of sleep time.

When will I learn not to start long, multi-chaptered, hyper addicting stories at the crack of freaking midnight? However, though none of these are complete, they are all worth the time it will take you to read them. Who needs sleep anyway?

If you have love for a good story, check these out:

1. Clipped Wings And Inked Armor: The Cullen boys are tattoo artists, and Bella works at a bookstore across the street. Alice is still psychic, and Rosalie is an engineer/cocktail waitress. I don't want to give away too many plots points, because this is a great no vampire thriller. It's not finished yet, but very worth a read so far. 14 Chapters to date, by hunterhunting. She's also very good about linking to tattoo images and piercings if you don't know them well.

2. Art After 5: Currently totally in cliffhanger! After their initial meeting and good run, they've split up! Will Bella and Edward get back together? Lord, I hope so! Very good characters, non-vamp, hopefully headed for happily ever after. I can't talk too much about B & E without giving away the whole story, so I'll talk about the others. Rosalie & Emmett as a happy married jewish couple, Alice & Jasper together, and a heartbreakingly beautiful couple set up for Carlisle and Esme. 44 Chapters (short chapters) by sleepyvalentina. Also has a companion story, Counterpoint, told from Edward's point of view.

3. Poughkeepsie: When Rosalie used the rocket launcher to blow up Emmett's office . . . . when Mike tricked Bella into a cubic zirconia engagement . . . when Alice talked Jasper out of the priesthood . . . . when the author, Mrs.TheKing, interviews the characters . . . . this story has action, adventure, romance, and humor. Touching, rich characters, and 58 Chapters waiting for you. Not finished yet and definitely got me on the edge of my seat.

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