Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Don't Be Mean To Ashley Greene

Okay, I will confess to being a fan of Ashley Greene. I also hate seeing bad things happen to people I basically think are good people. So, the whole brou-ha-ha over the nude photos of Ashley Greene has me really ticked off.

Naturally, there is the part that says, never, never, never get nude photos taken of yourself, because they will turn up on the internet. It's got to be a Murphy's law of them somewhere. Missing your clothes? PUT DOWN THE PHONE CAMERA!

Rant aside, it seems like a not fun deal all around. Her lawyer is out there getting them all taken down, and frustrated blogger boys are whining. But it just annoys me. I want to be seeing pre-Eclipse movie information, not hearing about people ruining Ashley Greene's day by posting naked pictures of her on the internet.

Frankly, it would drive me to make out with Chace Crawford, too.

Love You Ashley!

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