Sunday, August 9, 2009

Teen Choice Awards: Wardrobe Choices

Bwahahaha, the live feed was down so hearing all about the event was decided for me. I "watched" via tweets and posts, although of course it will all be on again on Monday night.

Until then, we can play my favorite red carpet game: What the hell are you wearing?

Nikki Reed


I like the shoes okay, but I am kind of meh on the dress. Sadly, Nikki is a bit ruined for me at the moment as now, whenever I see her, I am curious how many of her wardrobe choices are being influenced by her connection with this guy.

Ashley Greene


I like the top of the dress, with the feathering or whatever it is around the bustier section. The random floral on the bottom of the dress? WTForks is that? I think the designer could have done something much cooler than THAT with this dress.

Kristen Stewart

kristen stewart

So, evidently those are punk rock metal studs dangling on the bottom of that dress. Many people have implied its to keep people's hands away, but I am much more practical than that. How the hell do you sit down on punk rock studs? Through an awards show? Either Kristen is much more hard core than I had previously suspected, or she has a major thing for pain. Or she's an idiot. Take your choice.

Thanks to Socialite Life and Getty for the Photos!

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