Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Robert Pattinson, Superhero?

With Remember Me in post-production and Little Ashes out on video, it had seemed for a while there that all Rob had on his plate was the Twilight Sage. As in, Summit has him by the balls for the foreseeable future, or at the very least until they decide if they are making 4 or 5 of these movies. I mean, there's lots of directors in Hollywood these days, let's everybody have a go!

However, now it seems that Rob's got another potential job offer up his sleeve, playing the part of a superhero.

YoungBlood? I've no idea, but it sounds hot!

robert pattinson

Okay, the real details:
  • They're still finalizing the script, but they want to ask Rob. There are a couple of parts he could play, including a teenager who can make himself into stone. You know, with his skin feeling "like cool marble" I think it might be a good fit. (My apologies to SMeyer).
  • It's based on Rob Liefeld's graphic novel series Youngblood. Which is like being based on a book, only with much better pictures. Yes, that's me being sarcastic. It's LATE, cut me a break.
  • Youngblood is about a team of superheros, meaning this thing could have multiple hotties in addition to Rob (WIN!).
  • Reliance Big Entertainment / Paramount have the production rights. (Suck it, Summit!)
  • The director would be Brett Ratner, best known for making X-Men: Last Stand and producing Prison Break.
  • Little known irrelevant but amusing trivia about Brett Ratner: He has also shot 7 Mariah Carey music videos, and did Madonna's Beautiful Stranger video.
All in all . . .I think this might be a fun movie for Rob to do. Lots of action, limited amount of angst. There is also a role for a Russian supermodel slut, so if he's really that lonely, they could put Kristen in it and I think she could pull it off.

All joking aside . . .no, all joking continues! It's that kind of post, people, because it is way past my bedtime and delirious amusement is a good thing. For further amusement, if you've never read the superhero by superhero breakdown of Edward Cullen vs. pretty much everyone, including Darth Vader, you must drop everything (including anything you might laughingly spill on the computer) and read it now.

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