Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Fan Fiction Adventure

Way back when, I started writing my first bit of Twilight fan fiction.  I haven't given up on that story (lax posting to the contrary) but I got hit with a new inspiration this weekend.

The new story is tentatively titled "Just Show Me The Money, Money" triggered by Tim Myers song, Money$$$.  So far we have a Bella who is piecing together what happens after you get eaten by vampires, and the crew of usual suspects.  Jacob's there, too, but his leg's broken at the moment and I really can't say what will happen to him next.  One thing I did learn from my Distilling Down adventures is to make sure I get a good ways into things before I launch the story so readers don't have to wait forever while I beta through and sort out plot problems.

Anyway ... coming soon ... Just Show Me The Money, Money!