Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Whoa, When Did Esme Get Creepy?

Dedicated fangirl A. Luper over at NewMoonMovie did a side by side comparison of the cast looks between the Twilight Hardwicke versions and the Weitz versions.


Some of the looks are improvements (why Hellooooo there, Jacob) but others have me shaking my head.

Obviously, Victoria looks awesome in both, 'cuz she's just that awesome. Edward is starting to look his age. And Esme . . .what have they done with Esme?

I could believe super Mom powers would flow from the innocent looking lady in Twilight, but this Esme looks like she might just eat her own young. There's just something a little extra predatory in the whole ensemble. I'm sure the photo director told them to put on their intense faces for the promo shoot, but I don't want to be freaked out by Supermom anymore!


  1. I'm not sold on the Alice hair. Esme doesn't really bother me so much. I agree Edward is showing his age. I think the coloring in New Moon looks a little more realistic. And geez...couldn't they have given Rosalie a different outfit to wear?

  2. No, no, no . . .Rosalie spends all her clothes money on hair and make up. Clearly.