Friday, August 28, 2009

Do You Have What It Takes To Join The Wolfpack?

Quick, everybody. What do you need to be a member of the Wolfpack?

Is it a finely honed talent for acting? Well, not really. Yes, the wolfpackers have okay acting chops, but you know what you really need to join the Wolfpack. Especially a Wolfpack led by Mr. I-Only-Eat-Protein-And-Lift, aka, Taylor Lautner.

You need muscles. Specifically, you need abs. Wolfpack abs don't get painted on like vampire ones (Forgive me Rob, but, well, you know). They just . . .don't.

Today, it was revealed that Mr. BooBoo Stewart does indeed have what it takes to run with the pack.

boo boo stewart

boo boo stewart

Remember though . . .and disturbing as this is on so many levels . . .he's only 15.

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