Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rob Pattinson vs. Xavier Samuel

In a battle for hotness to the death, who would win? Although this was something I had personally never contemplated, not knowing Xavier Samuel from a rock in my shoe, apparently there are swirls in the blogosphere that he may be a contender for replacing Rob Pattinson as the King of Sex Incarnate.

WTForks, right?

I mean, in one corner we have legions . . .and legions . . . and legions of SCREAMING fan girls, followed by millions of quieter women who kind of know better but don't give a flying squirrel about how ridiculous they are with their little Robsession. I'm in their camp. And it's not so little (Yeah, that's what she said).

Oh, I may sneak over to Team Jacob now and again, and let's all just admit that the Wolf Pack abs are perfectly lickable, but honestly, it's ROB PATTINSON.

All Hail The Hotness!


And in the other corner, we have Xavier Samuel.

Thanks, JustJared.

Things that I knew about Xavier Samuel, prior to him getting cast as Riley in Eclipse:
  • (crickets)
Things I learned about Xavier Samuel from the general Twiverse prior to writing this post:
  • Australian
  • Blonde
  • Smokes
  • Made the cut for the cast
Things I learned about Xavier Samuel on Wikipedia:
  • He's 25, which makes him older than Rob and not jailbait (in most states) like Taylor.
We'll take that as a win. Some of the cast needs to be of age, or how will I ever get Jacob and the Wolf Pack drunk enough to . . . never mind. Focus, focus, focus.
  • He's done some theater: Two Weeks With The Queen, Osama The Hero, and Mercury Fur.
Never heard of any of those. You? (crickets) Yeah, I kind of thought that.
  • He's done two TV shows. McLeod's Daughters, a series, and Dream Life, a movie.
Still not ringing a bell.
  • There are some movies in there too, 2:37, Angela's Decision, September, Newcastle, The Loved Ones, and Road Train.
Maybe they were big in Australia?

So, basically I'm a prejudiced, original cast loving kind of girl. Who is Xavier Samuel? In my book, until he starts doing Kellan Lutz push up tricks, starts a band a la Mr. Rathbone, or sprouts Wolf Pack worthy abs, this kid is a nobody.

And he's definitely not hotter than Rob!


  1. hey, give xavier some credit.
    just because you may not know him, doesnt mean you should snub him completely. he's lived in Australia for his whole life & only done movies there, so yeah, they're bigger over there.
    He's hot and personally, i think he's a better Edward, though i don't know about that smoking thing..

  2. Just finished my viewing of Eclipse (for the first time, lol) and I will say that I was impressed with his performance in the film. It was interesting to see it all in motion, because I had seen a lot of screen caps of the beginning part in the run up to the movie what with the whole oh-my-god-Rachelle-replaced-by-Bryce-wtf? thing that went down. I thought it was better in motion than in the stills, really.

    Be curious to see what he chooses to do next for a memorable part!

  3. Xavier Samuels is so much hotter that Robert Pattinson. You girls need to get your eyes tested. Aussie guys are hot.