Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Twimpage Promotes Distilling Down!

How excited am I to have been pimped by Twimpage?  Very excited!  And also surprised because I didn't know it was happening and wasn't on my Twitter over the weekend.

Fortunately, the absolute lovelies over at Twimpage don't care that I'm not always on the ball and pimped my fiction on July 23rd.  You can see the pimpage for Distilling Down here.

Also, if you are looking for new Twilight fan fic to read, check out the rest of the Twimpage treasures at their site.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wait, Jackson Rathbone, Is That You?

Just saw some promo photos of Jackson Rathbone in Tokyo promoting The Last Airbender and almost didn't recognize him!

What is this?

I am not a fan!  I think I much prefer it when Rathbone looks like something other than an over-gelled yuppie.  This outtake from Jackson Rathbone's Nylon photo shoot is more my style.

Jackson Rathbone

A Taylor-iffic Surprise in My Taxi Cab

I was flying today and had to make a transfer between FLL and my MIA hotel in rush hour.  Do not actually recommend this to anyone.

However, there was a little surprise tucked away for me in the seat pocket of my cab.  I almost squeed with glee when I discovered the July 2010 GQ featuring Taylor Lautner was there:

Oh, Hell Yes!


The interview was actually a very nice piece about Taylor, and I enjoyed reading about the reporter being frightened of the teenagers and crazed moms stalking Taylor Lautner everywhere he goes at award shows and public appearances.  It added a nice perspective to the whole thing, and it presented Lautner in a good light - awed and grateful for his fans, if a little overwhelmed by it all.

But you know what really got me through the traffic?  The photos!  This one was my favorite . . . quite a step up in the sexy department from the original pre-werewolf Taycub, don't you think?

The Abs . . . Sheesh!


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Twilight Supermarket Tabloid Shocker!

I was in the grocery store today and just about died when I got to the checkout line.  Not because a new Robert Pattinson photo spread was staring back at me, or because they had another Wolf Pack featurette for sale.

No, I was in shock because The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opened this week to record breaking ticket sales, and there wasn't a damn tabloid headline dedicated to a member of the cast anywhere to be seen.

WTForks, people?

Sandra Bullock is getting a divorce.  Still.

The Bachelorette is dumped.  Yawn.

Jennifer Aniston is having a baby.  I DO NOT EVEN CARE.

I've gotten used to not being able to turn around without seeing a piece of Twilight related merchandise somewhere in the immediate vicinity when I'm out shopping.  Admittedly, at times I thought it was getting a little out of hand but I never thought that on release week - RELEASE WEEK, YOU MORONS - the tabloids and glossies wouldn't be in a Twilight swoon, rolling in money as old fans and new fans alike snapped up special issues.

Also . . . it's the 4th of July and I was in line for a really long time.  Some Twilight made-up gossip drama would have trumped the hell out of reading about that Bachelorette crap while I waited for the lady with 2,000 items in her cart of check out.  Just saying.

It's like all the marketing people died or went on vacation.  Or are clinically dumb.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Even In Nebraska, Eclipse Sells Out

It's official.  While New Moon held the previous opening night box office take, Eclipse has taken the cake with a whalloping $30 million in ticket sales.

$10 per "smiling" face . . . not bad

Even in my native Nebraska, I'm pleased to report that the midnight show was completely sold out.  Not because I had tickets, no, no, no.  Thursday night late show for me . . . currently rewatching the first two movies and cringing at the Star Wars level smoothness of the dialogue.  However, the Twi-hards I discovered at the insurance office today (who knew? And they were right under my nose all along!!) informed me that I'm making the right choice by waiting.  Evidently the late late show of Eclipse was filled with tween crazies.  Hopefully by Thursday it will be cleared out and I'll be able to enjoy Eclipse to the max!