Monday, July 13, 2009

Twilight Body Double Love

The fine folks over at have surfaced some video of the Italy shoot, featuring the Porsche bit and a bunch of Twilight body double loving.

Seriously, right after the first 30 seconds, where everyone can collectively bag on the hideous-ass coat they have put on the Alice character, you get to see 7 hysterical minutes of obsession. Someone is deep in love with the body doubles in New Moon. We're talking super zoom in, constant camera stalking, lingering glances following their every move love with these body doubles. Kinda creepy, kinda loltastic.

Right after a pretty good fake out with the Kristen Stewart body double where you think it's her, they show fans getting photos with the Rob Pattinson double. Part of me is like, why? And another part of me points out that a picture with a hot guy is a picture with a hot guy. So, no hating on that there--these fans certainly look happy enough!

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