Sunday, July 26, 2009

Recovering From Comic Con Overload

Comic Con insanity is winding down, leaving everyone out there with an interest in Twilight to sort through the absolutely staggering amount of video and merchandise that were unleashed at the convention.

It's a lot. In some ways, Comic Con totally delivered, because fans were served up not just one, but two sneak peeks of the movie. Hells yeah!


In other ways it kind of sucked, because the initial press conference was short and lame, and although the panel was a little better it still wasn't necessarily everything that fans were wanting. Although, of course, we'll take what we can get.

About the best location for the raw footage, now that bad video and technically flawed live feeds have been sorted out, is over at

The footage is all kind of entertaining, although there are definitely some people who shine more than others. Ashley Greene did well for her first time at a panel of this size, and Rob Pattinson was really sweetly letting Taylor Lautner shine in his moment as the hot one of the movie.

Way to give a win to Team Jacob there Rob!


Kristen seemed a bit off, although to be fair she is really in the middle of doing a totally different kind of film. To be unfair . . .sit up straight hoesbeast, you're the star here!

Also pleasantly surprised by how deadpan funny and self-deprecating Chris Weitz turned out to be. I didn't really like Catherine in her interviews (something about her voice & mannerisms just bugs me) and from his taste in music I wasn't sure I was going to like this guy. And yet. . . he is totally growing on me. Depending on how 'effing awesome the film turns out to be, I may just become a fan.

And then . . . .and then there is the merchandise.

I love you Rachelle, just for holding THAT.

Man, oh man. They are totally whoring this film out to the merch men, and retailers have got to be on their knees saying thank you for this little gem!


More on merch later . . . .once I get over the shirtless Jacob doll!

(Big thanks to ET and photobucket twilight lovers for the photos!)


  1. I freaking want that pillow! It will totally look awesome on my bed!

  2. I know, right? It's desperate battle between love and shame for purchasing that one. If they make a Jacob I'm sold though . . .I get the two of them and lay in the middle.