Friday, July 3, 2009

Yes, I'm Late To The Party

Twilight had been going strong for quite some time before my hand slipped to my sister's shelf one fateful evening in late May. The smooth black book jacket was cool to the touch as I took it in my hand and cracked the spine . . . .

20 hours later it was done.

Not just the one book. The whole set. Plus Midnight Sun.

Life just wasn't the same afterward. Oh, I tried to pretend like I wasn't affected. Like I wasn't guzzling the Kool-Aid like a roofer in July.

Lies, all lies! My page view history calls me out. The same for the sudden spate of bookmarked sites that I must visit daily. As if the Twilight Top 21 could even begin to cut it . . . .

I'm speed reading my way through all of it now. ALL OF IT. Must . . . .read . . . the Twilight gossip, snark, and updates!

Work? Sleep? Who does that crap once they've discovered the pure, unadulterated goodness that is the Twiverse? I'd say bless you, Stephenie Meyer, bless you. . . . .but I'm not sure what I love more . . .the books themselves or everything that's come after.

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