Friday, July 10, 2009

Blogging Observations: Week 1 And What's Ahead

Well, it is officially Friday. Hallelujah!

It is also officially the end of my first week as a Twilight blogger, having given in to my Twilight obsession last Friday. I do have to say that it is awesome--I didn't realize how liberating it would feel to totally admit that I am bat shit Twicrazy like whoa and just roll with it. Here are some of the highs of week 1.

Highlights + Shoutouts

1. Thank you everybody for reading, and to the people who wrote comments, I love y'all to death. Totally makes my day!

2. I learned about photobucket and glittery font (see banner + Fun With Photos). I have the skillz of a three year old and the enthusiasm of a high schooler with a new driver's license. Be warned.

3. I lost weight! Hells yeah . . .like every other female on the planet with a terror of raging FUPA this has been an ongoing project for me, but it wasn't going anywhere until this last week, when I lost 7 pounds. Apparently staring at Rob and the Wolf Pack shirtlessTwilight stuff all day burns calories like crazy.

4. To the fine folks at LTT/LTR, Twitarded, and Something Less Productive as well as Cleolinda you are my life now I can't get through the day without reading you.

5. To all the other Twi-writers out there . . .I'm consistently entertained and inspired. The creativity, humour, and snark rock my world.


So . . . I had this brilliant idea for a Twilight exercise series while I was doing leaps of joy after getting of the scale today (Yes, it's a first). Watch for upcoming tips on how to shape yourself up using only the Twilight merch you already have (just admit it) and photos of Robert Pattinson et. al. you can print off the internet. My aim is to make it a good time AND a good workout. From "Stretching with Rob" to the "Biceps of Black", I'll try and post up one a week until we're all toned enough to withstand a fan girl mobfest without getting killed.


  1. Congrats on your first week as a Twi-Blogger!!! And you've already figured out stuff that JJ and I still haven't gotten around too. I feel lazy now - lol!

    Anyhoo, nice work - I enjoyed reading your posts! Cracked me up...

    : )

  2. Thank you so much! It means a lot to me that you read this, and I hope to keep you entertained.

    On the tech stuff . . . thanks, but there's so much I still don't know it's scary, but it's also scary to find anyone to ask. How have you gotten tech advice? What do you say? "Hi, I'd like to create a button of rotating images of Taylor Lautner shirtless. What's the best way?" or "Hey, do you know how to shrink this YouTube video of Robert Pattinson? It's bigger than the Jasper one and I don't want to look like I'm playing favorites."