Monday, July 6, 2009

The Other Admittedly Obsessed

So, I was just going to do one little blog post and go to bed, right? Not continue reading Twilight stuff and go hunting for Twilight Fan Fiction. No, no, no . . . . .OH YES!!!

Ahem. Where were we? Oh, right. Twilight Fan Fiction, the greatest and most addictive thing since sugar, only less fattening. I'm new to the whole universe there, but I am loving it and trying not to get completely hooked to the point that I no longer sleep because I'm too busy reading fanfic.

Yet . . .here we are . . . me supposed to be writing promotional copy for car insurance, which makes me think of Carlisle, which makes me think I've got a small brain completely dominated by TwiCrack. So I'm over checking out some fan fic when I discover that my clever name is not so clever.

Damn, there's another Admittedly Obsessed, who wrote some amazing fan fic THAT SHE DELETED. Son of a . . .how am I supposed to read it if it's deleted? Apparently it won awards and the whole nine yards. And I can't have it . . . .ach, frustration central, right here, right now!

Okay, so not dealing with that well (it's like hearing, I made ice cream . . . .but it's gone), but did want to give a shout out to her and note to you all that I am not nearly cool enough to have written award winning fanfic. Someday, maybe. . . I'll let you know. Also did not know about her when I picked the blog id, but hopefully won't be an issue! Props to her for her mad skills, though.

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