Thursday, July 9, 2009

Twilight in the Wall Street Journal

Right, so I'm pretty sure this one can get filed under "Shit I never thought I'd see".

The Wall Street Journal, better known for stuffy business articles, a conservative editorial page, and some of the most boring entertainment reviews I have ever read, has shocked me. They've actually shocked me. Bear in mind that at one point I worked in one of the top banks in the country and thought I'd read or heard every bit of nonsense the paper could put out as it reported on our company.

Little did I know . . . .just when I was actually browsing for non-Twilight related news, the WSJ was going to move (albeit briefly) from Peggy Noonan to Edward Cullen.

Check out the LOLs as the WSJ tries to get all serious about the Harry Potter vs. Twilight phenom.

I mean, not all that bad, but it's like discovering your grandma reads fanfic. It's slightly cool, but mostly wrong.

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