Friday, July 17, 2009

Yay For Radcliffe v. Pattinson

Okay, so I was one of the obsessed who went to the midnight premier of the Potter. The movie was good, the crowd not so much. The last time I did one of these movie premiers, the theater had hired a magician and people were in full-on costumes, complete with wand.

New state, new theater = well, at least they served beer.

Anyway, the movie was epic win, as Draco is a hella good lurker and the 10,000 Gollums rushing Potter were priceless (Yes, when they appeared I did indeed utter, 'My Precious!') so it was totally worth it.

Not so worth it? Being absolutely shot for the next 2 days thanks to lack of sleep + real world. Actually had to be on a Twi-news diet due to deadlines and massive restriction of internet browsing time. BOOOOO!

Fortunately, not everyone was suffering like me. Some people were out there creating this bit of pricelessness:

I almost forgive Mr. Fallon for some of his earlier work thanks to this. Almost. Well done.

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