Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Sexy Break From The Non-Stop Rob Hotness

Remind me to bitch about the plethora of Wolf Pack promotional material more often, because it apparently spawns an explosion of Rob Pattinson photos. Thank you, Vanity Fair and Harper's Bazaar.

However, while Rob may be temporarily hogging the spotlight (okay, I'd let him have it all the time)(snicker)(Yes, I just admitted I'd let him have it all the time)(You know what I meant there, LOL)(Yes, I am talking to myself and to you in parenthesis)(Why?)(Because it is late/early and I am on the blog and hey, I like it)(I may regret this in the morning)

ANYWAY! Clearly there are a limited number of non-drooling over Rob braincells going on over here. My remaining function brain cells are drooling over Kellan Lutz:

All hail the hotness!

kellan lutz

Remind me to put Nylon magazine on my list, even if the rest of the photoshoot does have Nikki Reed in it. Gah. Looking at Kellan can be hazardous to my ability to think.

And then there's Alex Meraz. Yes, it's a Wolf Pack member I'm all excited about here. Calendar's out, and mark it down: I am cheating on Team Vampire. But it's for a worthy cause! I'm supporting People magazine's nomination of a Twilight cast member as the sexy guy of the week:


Yum, right?

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