Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Moon Premier Outfits: Outfits In The Middle

These are a few of the outfits that I didn't love, but I didn't hate, either. Some of them I feel really bad about categorizing like this, but hey--it's not like these people don't have professionals dressing them.

Ashley Greene

ashley greene

It's no secret that I like Ashley Greene, and it's no surprise that she was going for sexy here on the red carpet. I mean, she does have that Maxim photoshoot to live up to! However, this outfit just wasn't doing anything for me--I've seen her in better. There's no visual interest here--it's just a red dress.

Jackson Rathbone


Jackson honey, you're supposed to be hot. While black tie attire is appropriate, it's not getting the job done with the black hair. You're looking just a little washed out here--grey suit next time?

Mike Welch


On one hand, you are dressed up. On the other hand, you look like a car salesman. It may be genetic, but a paisley tie? Who's dad had that lying around? Or were you just trying to stay in the Mike Newton character as much as possible?

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