Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Fan Fic Chapter Is Up!

Thanks to everyone who read the last installment of my fan fic, Distilling Down. I'm pleased to announce that the new chapter is up! I've started getting a few reviews and I love every single person who reads. Hard. You make my day.

Here's a quick recap, and then a teaser from this chapter. In the prologue and the first chapter, we've met Bella, who is hiding out from everyone chasing after her. Unfortunately, that includes Edward. What's going on in his world while she hides from him?

Chicago, Alice's POV:

Our pictures hung in a scattered array, showcasing our lives since we’d come to America. There were dozens of Jasper and I, from our courtship, our wedding, and our trips together. Dozens of happy moments were on display, but Edward had eyes for only one photo: Bella at the lakeshore. She had been notoriously camera shy as a human, so we’d never had many of her. Between the labs and houses that had been bombed and burned over the years, his personal collection had been winnowed down to just a few lingering snapshots. He’d lost the other when she’d stolen his jacket on her way out the door again two years ago, so now this one on our wall was all he had.

Well, that and his not-so-little obsession with her current whereabouts.

"Edward . . . " I said to him softly, putting one hand tentatively on his shoulder. "She’ll turn up when it’s time and not a minute before."

"How can she run from me? How can she hide?" His voice was pure agony, bottled, aged well, and decanted.

"Edward, you know she’s not herself right now." I left out the part about him chasing her around shooting at her as potential motivation for wanting to hide out. He killed himself enough over that as it was.

Read on for more!

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