Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Moon Day And I'm Under The Bus

And the big day is finally here! How excited are you? More importantly, HOW EXCITED AM I?

Yes, yes, yes!


Very, my friends, very. For while I will not be watching the movie at midnight tonight, I will be doing a perfect double header evening with one of my very best girlfriends tomorrow night. What makes that even more perfect is it wasn't even my own Twitarded idea! I had originally planned to go to the midnight show in Durham tonight with the Raleigh meetup group, but I will confess that my old, tired ass was not excited about being up until 3 am. And then . . . . I was rescued!

Such a cute call! I've conned this poor girl into reading the first book and some fan fiction (we have an addict, score!) and gradually worked her into at least openness to seeing the New Moon movie, so imagine my thrill when she said she wanted to see if it would be okay if I skipped the premier in favor of coming to Charlotte to watch the original Twilight and then go to a late show of New Moon. I was pumped! The only downside, of course, is having to watch the original Twilight movie--damn you Catherine Hardwicke, damn you.

So here I am on cloud 9 and then I talked to my sister.

For the record, she started it.

And by it, I mean my whole obsession with the Twilight world. They were her books. This is ALL HER FAULT.

I mean, really.

So, I was sharing with her my thrill of the movie coming up and all the bloggy clips and the wonderful videos from the Twilight publicity tour, and she comes back with, "You've gotten a little too into that, you know. It's kind of weird."

WTF? What is that sensation? Oh yeah, it's my ass getting thrown under the bus by the fan who started it all.

*GROWLING, CURSING, ETC* I am going to enjoy the movie twice as hard, just to spite her. oooOOOOOOoooo . . . . it's on.


  1. And yet your totally willing to throw others under the bus and get them addicted. Something just doesn't fit....

  2. Hey . . .the pleasure of the addiction is better when shared!