Sunday, October 18, 2009

Taylor Lautner Wins Spike Scream Award, Uses It As A Horn

I will confess I did not watch the Spike Scream Awards Ceremony live. Those shows drive me nuts because they go on forever, and I knew I'd get the highlights online later in a fraction of the time.

Basically, Taylor Lautner cleaned up at the Spike Scream Awards, winning an award for Best Breakout Performance and getting to show off some cool Wolf Pack transformation footage (when I have more than screen caps and fuzzy videos of videos, I'll share). All very nice, very honorable, very good for the old reputation as a mature, up-and-coming actor.

Then, like a real 17 year old boy, he did this:

taylor lautner

What are you trying to be, kid? A unicorn?

It reminded me why I never fully convert to Team Taylor . . . or Team Jacob. There's socially awkward, and then there's "Did you honestly just use an award as a horn? While still on national television? I'm going to not know you for a while."


  1. Oh, or maybe he's going to stab someone. Anyway, he's cute...but little boy cute. I just can't do it. But my mom is all about him. Something is wrong.

  2. I'm the same . . right when I think I could do it . . .then I can't do it. Moms though . . .they love that little boy face. There's something sick there, that's for sure.