Monday, October 5, 2009

How Long Can You Starve A Twi-Addict?

Apparently, my limit is about 4 days.

As I wandered around my sister's house, trying to be a good sibling, it was hard not to up the volume on my plea, "Would someone please fix the Internet?" because clearly, my issue was not the important one.

Except, as time went on, it was harder and harder not to just be thinking . . ."Would someone please fix the effing Internet?" . . .especially when we moved into social hour.

"I'm starting a new diet," says the sister.

"Oh, really?" I say, thinking Would someone please fix the damn Internet?

"Your father has a meeting that day," says my mother.

"That's nice." I say, thinking What would really be nice would be if someone fixed the effing Internet already.

Eventually, everything was just blah, blah, blah while my mind was going Internet .. . Inter-net must . . .get . . THE INTERNET! Blog rolls . . .need blog rolls . . .. it's all going . . . dark. . . . . so dark . . .

See, Jake, Edward isn't the only one I can't see when there's no Internet.


Finally (saints be praised!) my brother-in-law hooked me up. They're letting me work from their house today. There are construction people hammering and drilling all around me as they replace the siding on said house, but compared to a life without Internet, drilling is sweet, sweet music to my ears.

Officially, I am catching up on work. Uh-huh. "Work" is definitely being caught up on here. Yay for New Moon Companion stills and scans (like concerned Jake, above) and yay for the ability to log on again. I'd make some crack about the web being my own personal brand of heroin, but we're above that, right? Right.

Happy Monday, all.

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  1. I actually Jail-broke my iPhone so I could get internet tethering to work while I was on vacation. I needed to have my internets. And I ended up being quite prolific last week, heh. I feel your pain...a day without Robward is like a day without