Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Something To Read: My Fan Fic

I've taken the plunge!


The basic summary is here:

Character(s): Edward & Bella (and Carlisle, Rose, Emmett, Alice, etc)

Genre(s): Suspense/Drama
Rating: Rated: M
Summary: Seeking a vaccine for vampirism, Edward and Carlisle created another type of monster - someone they love who can't remember how to be anything but deadly. With love, science, and murder in the air, the ultimate outcome is anyone's guess. OOC/AU/Vamps

And here's a quick teaser to whet your interest:

When his lips met mine, the kiss was soft and tentative. I think he thought I would bolt, but I had no intention of leaving. I was trembling like a leaf in the wind, but that was just the excitement running through me. I kissed him back, my eyes open now, in unfamiliar territory but trusting my instincts. With no memories of him to guide me, they were all I had.

He gave a low moan and pulled me even closer, wrapping his arms around me and sinking his hands into my hair. He cuddled me close into the warm planes of his chest, and I pulled my hands from behind my back to hold him.

Hold him in place, that is. I didn’t want him to run away either.

He started running his hands down my back and kissing the top of my head. I could feel his heart beating through the hard muscles of his chest, and I planted one gentle kiss there, flicking my tongue softly over his pulse. He was talking into my hair between kisses, something about mistakes and tribes and never again. I didn’t understand any of that nonsense, so I did what I wanted to do. I pivoted him up against the tree and bit him right over his heart.

I do have teasers from the next installment (not posted yet) for any who read and review. Yes, I'm not too proud for bribery.

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