Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ashley Greene Improves Men's Health

I was clicking through the hordes of recent Twilight-related photo shoots and interviews, and this one really made me smile. Ashley Greene was featured in Men's Health magazine. Now, I'll be honest. I don't have much of an opinion about Men's Health. I kind of think of it as a light-read for the beefcake bunch. Typical covers look like this:

Beefcake Exhibit 1

Beefcake Exhibit 2

In the US they have shirts on the cover models. Hence, HELLO SINGAPORE!

For further viewing pleasure, Google Men's Health models. I was just looking for appropriate examples for the blog, and *poof* hours disappeared. Good stuff.

Anyway, so you Twilight and New Moon are the big time when they crack the muscle man magazines. Admittedly, you're getting Ashley Greene here, not Alice Cullen, and certainly not Rob. Still, it's a safe bet that you could bribe a significant other into seeing the movie using photos like this:


No need to mention that the wardrobe people dress her in fugly clothes the whole movie. Let the fantasy live on. It's a sure way to lure yourself into a date to the movie! ;-)

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