Friday, October 9, 2009

Xavier Samuel Runs From Bryce Dallas Howard

The Eclipse movie spoilers are trickling out, and apparently the script is getting beefier for some of the parts. Apparently Riley, the vampire played by Xavier Samuel, gets to be chased and killed by Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard, boo) as the opening scene of film. In the rain, because what every vampire movie needs more of is hot, wet men.

Stills from the opening sequence of Eclipse


Yeah, I'd run screaming from Bryce Dallas Howard, too, and you know why? Because she's not the real Victoria. But, hey, you work with what Summit makes you, right?

You can watch some footage of the supposed opening scene here at YouTube. Kind of longish, and you'll want to use your imagination, but he does die convincingly a few times. Bits of Eclipse dialogue spoilers as well.

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