Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wolf Pack With Shirts = Unacceptable


Okay, whose brilliant idea was it to put out a brand new poster of the Wolf Pack WITH SHIRTS?

This is not acceptable.

No one wants to see these puppies with their shirts on. NO ONE. Plus, this whole set up makes them look like they just escaped from jail and have been living in your garden shed for weeks, only to take a vote and decide to break into your house and kill you for your groceries. After huffing all your cleaning products.

Bad marketing department, bad, bad.


  1. Check out LTT - they have a poster with the pack in jorts. Hilarious! I agree - the shirts have got to go!

  2. I saw that, and laughed aloud.

    Cleolinda also mocked this shot, saying it was a bad band promo shoot for the boy band "All Fur One"