Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Movie Stars Have Quiet Labor Day Weekend

Well, there is nothing like being back to work after a long weekend. Nothing quite matches that little bit of hell that is knowing you get to get back to the daily grind, or at the very least, a big pile of deadlines and emails that all want something from you.

The good news for me as I plug back into blog land was that by being out of town and a bit lazy, I missed the great photoshoot brouhaha of 2009. Essentially, for those of you that missed it, there were these smoking hot new pictures of Rob Pattinson that hit the web late last week . . . .only the photographer who took them was seriously NOT OKAY with them being out on the internet. Gung ho bloggers who posted them up were hit with nasty DOWN NOW orders, and some websites were blocked. Not so cool, and not so fun.

The general mocking of said photo takedown happened at TWITARDED. Seriously, these girls are too funny with their Twi-madness.

In news from the Twilight Eclipse set . . . nada. Essentially, all the big famous stars did what I did with my weekend . . .hang out, eat out, catch a concert. Okay, so I didn't go to a concert, but all reports are that they had a lot of fun with the 6 billion paparazzos that stalked them there and yet still did not manage to get a decent photo to share with you.

Instead, I'll close today with a note about some people who had WAY too much time for fun this weekend. Seriously, who mowed this into a cornfield?



  1. I saw the field on The Daily 10 this evening...apparently there is a Team Edward one right beside it. Nice.

  2. Having done a much smaller corn maze (walked through, not made one . . ye gods!) my first thought after I thought, damn, that would take forever to make was, damn, that would take HOURS to get through. Like HOURS.

    Seriously, if I'm going to spend HOURS with Team Edward or Team Jacob, it ain't gonna be in the corn.