Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year, New Plans, New Fics

Welcome to 2010!

I know that lots of people have been doing reflections back on the decade that just passed, but I'm still home with the parents for the holidays (leaving for Ecuador the 13th, make it please come sooner!) and so I don't want to look back on the decade because I'm feeling enough time warp as it is just sleeping in my old room.

Thus, let's forget the past and focus on the future. Now, I'm not going to be one of those yahoos jumping up and down screaming about how 2010 is gonna be great. It's not gonna be that great, y'all. Calm the eff down. Loud noises in early January are bad, okay?

However, 2010 should be reasonably decent, and I'm looking forward to the year ahead. Lots of good things are going to happen, like me spending the rest of the winter somewhere warm and Eclipse coming out.

I also want to get back to posting every day, even though I know it likely won't happen until after I am out of the parents house. The Twilight withdrawal has diminished to a dull, yet constant ache somewhere in the back of my brain. I can't explain to Mom & Dad why changing the channel away when Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift broke up was a party foul. I just have to endure.

My endurance has been tempered by some sneaky fan fiction reading. Thought I'd share a few of my new favorites here, in case you are looking for a way to pass the time!

1. Irritable Grizzly Adams: Ignore that the title doesn't scream Twilight Fan Fiction. This story is a good alternative universe creation based on a unique take on the break up scene and the Edward-never-comes-back theme. I was hooked from the first chapter. I wasn't alone in falling hard for the story, as The Lazy, Yet Discerning Ficster also recommended it way back in the day. It even has a thread on Twilighted for the dedicated!

2. Geek Love: In addition to being an absolutely awesome story, I'm so thrilled that the author of Geek Love, SassenachWench, replied to pretty much every review I left. She seems like a funny, cool, and well-adjusted type--and yes, I am fan crushing on her hard-core at the moment. The story is Bella and Edward as computer geek types, complete with Nerf battles and binary code references. Updates regularly with lovely subtle humor and some gut busting scenes, too. Chapter 22 should be out soon!

Also, while I'm at it: You need to check out Elemental for a cool twist on the Forks families, The Naked Guy Upstairs for light laughs and love, and Art After 5 for some really well done angst (I've loved on this one before, but now it's complete!).

PS: My photo comparing Kellan Lutz to Marky Mark for the Calvin Klein campaign got pulled since Mr. Wanberg was in his underwear. I think this is a bad sign for my plan for billboard scans of the Kellan campaign, don't you?

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