Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Distilling Down Chapter 6 Is Up!


Chapter 6 has arrived . . . and is twice as long as the usual chapters! Read it here:

A brief teaser:

St. Petersburg, Jasper’s POV

Laurent had better get here soon. The café was slow this afternoon, and the waitress was giving me the evil eye as I lingered over my coffee, no doubt hoping I would cash out soon so she could go do whatever it was waitresses did on a dead day. Sadly, I had to stay. Laurent, you late bastard, hurry the fuck up.

The birds had taken care of the roll, saving me from going through the pretense of eating it. I hadn’t meant to order it, but with my Russian skills even being at the right café was a gift from God. I wasn’t about to bitch over a few unwanted pastries.

Shifting in my seat, I started in with the affirmations. You are patient, I told myself. You are calm. So calm, in fact, that in less than .02 seconds I was going to show that waitress where she could stuff her stink eye.

Deep breaths, Jasper. You are not here to eat the civilians. I missed being an unregulated gangster. Respectability had its moments, but this was not one of them.

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