Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Taylor-iffic Surprise in My Taxi Cab

I was flying today and had to make a transfer between FLL and my MIA hotel in rush hour.  Do not actually recommend this to anyone.

However, there was a little surprise tucked away for me in the seat pocket of my cab.  I almost squeed with glee when I discovered the July 2010 GQ featuring Taylor Lautner was there:

Oh, Hell Yes!


The interview was actually a very nice piece about Taylor, and I enjoyed reading about the reporter being frightened of the teenagers and crazed moms stalking Taylor Lautner everywhere he goes at award shows and public appearances.  It added a nice perspective to the whole thing, and it presented Lautner in a good light - awed and grateful for his fans, if a little overwhelmed by it all.

But you know what really got me through the traffic?  The photos!  This one was my favorite . . . quite a step up in the sexy department from the original pre-werewolf Taycub, don't you think?

The Abs . . . Sheesh!


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