Thursday, December 10, 2009

Real Life Sucks Like The Paparazzi

Going in to the holiday season, I will confess that I envisioned myself rolling in a smorgasboard of fun Twilight related adventures coming after New Moon before having to pack things away to face my parents like a grown adult. (Oh, that movie with the vampires? Never heard of it) Instead, it seems like all I have done since Thanksgiving is be miles behind on reading my favorite blogs and catching up. My blog "to do" list is now almost as long as my real life "to do" list.

And so help me, my real life to do list is long. Where was my mind when I thought moving in mid-December would be a piece of cake? Even more importantly, where was my mind when I thought taking on four new work projects and breaking out with a fan fiction story of my very own was going to work out well.

Last night's emergency: Could not open a .odt file with my Project Team Beta feedback vs. articles due today for client in Australia

Solution: Blow four hours fighting with Open Office download. Crash computer. Rant. Retry. Lose again. Rant. Finish the second book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series (recommend!) while downloading again. Finesse Chapter 5 of my story. No actual work, feel guilty for attempting to research Max Steel (if that's going to be Taylor Lautner, I need to know) and get no actual work done.

Yep. No work done last night. Which is why I am working tonight, again, and will be all weekend, AGAIN. While having blog withdrawls. I'm catching them up one at a time, and storing away a monster folder of things I want to talk about here. In my other 24 hours in a day . . .

Support the Twilight universe on my behalf, people! I'm letting the team down at the moment.

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