Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chapter 5 of Distilling Down is Up!

Sorry it has been quiet . . . I've been sick and also been moving house. Everytime I move, I swear it's the last time, and every time I lie.

I did make some progress in the story arena, and I am pleased that this chapter turned out to be funnier than I'd planned while still moving the action along.

Here's a short teaser:

St. Petersburg, Bella’s POV

Rage made my vision swim and I hugged the chimneystack tighter. Get a hold of yourself, I thought. So you’ve been shot. You’ve been shot before. What’s a few darts instead of bullets? My body responded with another bout of the heaves. Okay, I thought, maybe I need to lay down for a while and recover instead of running around on rooftops in the warm evening sun.

Just as soon as I figured out where to go to ground. Letting go of the chimneystack, I started unsteadily for the next house. Counting detours to make sure there was no Laurent behind me, I was what . . . three miles from a safe place? Four?

Unless Laurent was waiting for me up ahead. The thought brought me up short, which was a bad thing, because I’d already jumped for the next rooftop.

Oh, this just makes my day, I thought. I grabbed for the ledge and missed, stripped a power cord, thumped a balcony, and landed stonily on my feet.

Right in front of a ghost.

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed, stepping back.

“Ben Cheney.” I replied, straightening up. Or trying to. My head spun, my vision swam, and the sidewalk zoomed up to meet me.

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  1. I like your blog..found it on twitarded. Mine is My Sis and I just started it, so it's nothing exciting..just twi obsession/adventure stuff.

  2. Glad you found me! Looking forward to a fun twi-community experience in 2010, even though I've been bloggy breaking lately. Checked yours out and you're off to a great start . . I scoffed at the vampires, too, and now I am pwned by them!