Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kristen Stewart as Stephanie Meyer's Evil Twin

Is Kristen Stewart morphing into Stephanie Meyer's evil twin? Could be ... something about this publicity photo from the Breaking Dawn 2 premiere put me in a very Portrait of Dorian Gray mindset. The way their faces are aligned, the resemblance between the two stands out in an odd way.

Kristen Stewart as Stephanie Meyer's Evil Twin
Photo from The Superficial

Think about it ... the evil twin thing would explain so much. The irrational behavior, the cheating, the strange interviews - Kristen Stewart's real personality could just be getting overwhelmed by Stephanie Meyer's use of her as a younger, hotter version of herself. Life by proxy - I mean, it's as reasonable an explanation for Rupert Sanders as anything else I've read. Plus it explains how the two of them seem to be creepily looking more alike every time they're photographed together. 

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