Saturday, November 19, 2011

Breaking Dawn Dominates Box Office

As pleased as I was to see Immortals doing well at the box office last weekend (good for you, Kellan Lutz!) I am even more pleased to see Breaking Dawn excelling this weekend.

Breaking Dawn was one of the most hyped and discussed Twilight movies, and for a change the drama wasn't all about the actor's off-screen lives.  Instead, let's face it, the content of this book was a major challenge to bring to the screen.  Breaking Dawn has an inherent vampire super-creepiness in it that the other books lacked (not that they weren't weird in their own ways) and conveying that on screen in a way that didn't make us all run screaming was pretty impressive.

Equally impressive?  Breaking Dawn making nearly $140 million world-wide so far.  Immortals is out as the top US Box Office take, and Breaking Dawn is firmly on top of the heap.

These ARE their excited faces
Breaking Dawn

Now, who wants to predict which of the Twilight Saga movies will ultimately make the most money?  I'm voting one of the first three over this split-up nonsense ... a year for the next installment are you NUTS? ... but curious to hear your thoughts.

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