Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Year Since The Twilight Revolution

This Memorial Day weekend, while others pondered much more serious fare, I pondered that it was the year anniversary of my discovery of the Twilight Saga.

Hello, Old Friends

My, what a year it has been!

If you had told me before I picked up the books that I would read them all in 24 hours, I would not have believed you. If you had told me that a year later I would have written nearly 200 blog posts and nearly 50,000 words of Twilight fan fiction, I would have laughed my ass off.

Yeah, well, shut up. I'm guilty as charged on all counts.

Looking back on the year, these are a few of the things that stand out to me:

Taylor Lautner Has Gotten Hotter

taylor lautner

In the beginning, there was Sharkboy with the long hair. Not attractive. Nothing doing. Then it turned out that he really, really wanted to be Jacob Black again for New Moon. The baby fat disappeared as the muscles sprang out and damn! Would you look at that?

I would. MMMMmmmm. And he's 18 now.

I Don't Really Care About The Other Movies

Kristen Stewart,Dakota Fanning

I am aware that members of the Twilight clan have made other movies, and that many more movies are in the works.  Unfortunately, I'm not all that interested in those movies.  The Runaways doesn't grip me, and even though it will be out on DVD July 20th, and the only reason I'm interested in Water For Elephants is because I read the book and loved it.  I think Reese Witherspoon will be awful in it, and thus it's hard to get all worked up for the movie, Robert Pattinson or no Robert Pattinson.  Clearly, loving the other Twilight related works is going to be a work in progress kind of thing.

There Can Be Only One Victoria
When Summit announced that Rachelle Lefevre was kicked out of Twilight, I had one of those moments I never thought would ever, ever happen to me.
I had a fan girl hissy fit.  
I still am not over this.  It's making me not want to see Eclipse because every time I see that god-awful Bryce Dallas Howard in the Eclipse trailer every fiber of my being screams out WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.
Do not want does not even begin to cover this.  Actor substitutions are only marginally acceptable in sequels anyway, and definitely not when they involve subbing out a character who is kick ass awesome in favor of some suck ass who is going to mess the whole thing up.

Stomp, stomp, fume, pout.  I will be a spoiled little fan girl about this.  Damn you, Summit monsters, damn you all to hell.
No Being Mean To Alice
ashley greene 

If you had asked me a year ago who Ashley Greene even was, I would have looked at you blankly.  Now, not only can I tell you way, way more about her than you ever wanted to know, I insist that no one be mean to my Alice.  I also routinely complain about the way they dress her character, and have developed a sadly detailed memory for who wore what when on the red carpets as a result.  I did not care about any of this nonsense a year ago, and now I tremble in my boots that they will kick her out of the Breaking Dawn movie.  Sigh.

Fan Fiction Rocks
I have become a perpetual pimper of my own fan fiction, Distilling Down, as an extension of my love for a source of stories I didn't even know existed until I tripped over Twilight.  If the me I was before Twilight knew what the Twi-hard I am now read for fun, I would be mocked.  Mercilessly.  And yet here we are, with the story posted in three communities and hopelessly addicted to it all.  Hours of my life disappear into fan fic that were formerly spent reading *real* books and I am . . . 

. . . 100% okay with that.  Suck it, real books.

All in all, it has been a good and rewarding year since I found Twilight . . . and I am curious to see what the next year brings!
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