Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One Camera-less Trip To Forks Land *Facepalm*

I was so excited for my trip along the Northwest corridor.  Finally, I thought, I'd be getting in some serious time in the land that inspired it all.  While there was no way in hell I could swing a family jaunt over to the actual Forks, I figured that the cruise excursions would help me get my fill.  And I would be able to document the snot out of the trip for future fan fiction inspiration and fun here on the blog.

Or I could forget my camera.  You know, whatever works.

I'd just returned from my cousin's wedding, where I'd remembered the camera and forgotten the charger.  No way was that moronic mistake happening twice.  No, no, no.  I very carefully packed the charger for the camera before heading for Seattle . . . with the camera nicely left behind in the console of the car.

Facepalm, head-desk, the whole nine yards . . . it does not even begin to describe how I felt arriving in gloomy, overcast Ketchikan, Alaska all ready to get my Bella Swan on with the camera . . . and had no camera.

Like Jacob in human form (though not in jorts) I proceeded to hike moodily through the rain.  I'm sure I looked just as bedraggled and morose when I rolled back into the local coffee shop for hot refreshment.  However, while I definitely was pouting over the loss of the camera, I think it did help me focus on the mood of the place and make me bond more with the surrounding since I didn't have my lens in the way.of the ambiance. 

On some of the other stops we made, the weather was just as Twilight-shitty as one could hope for.  It made me appreciate what a rare miracle it would have been for it to have ever been sunny in the meadow for a sparklefest, and I was definitely ready to believe there were vampires and werewolves in the trees, because Lord knows no one else would feel at home in the desolate, drizzling landscape that presented itself at every turn.

The saddest moment, though, came when I was back in Seattle on Saturday, and I spotted fellow Twilight lovers camped out for early screenings of the movie, and I couldn't get their picture.  Ladies, I love you and hope you ended up with great seats!

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